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oh….Jihyo nuuna there are so many womn/girl who really want in your position right now…..before you attend a premiere some movie together with jun-chan and now you attend it with his older brother
Busan…….i really want to see our boys attend the red carpet again like before ^^


Kim Jaejoong and Song Jihyo will attend Busan International Film Festival on October 5th, 2012 at 17:50hrs

T/N: BIFF is held annually in Haeundae-gu, Busan (also Pusan), South Korea, is one of the most significant film festivals in Asia.
The focus of the BIFF is introducing new films and first-time directors, especially those from Asian countries. Another notable feature is the appeal of the festival to young people, both in terms of the large youthful audience it attracts and through its efforts to develop and promote young talent.
More info of Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Link + @luvjej
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First Solo Fanmeeting of the guy whom everyone is waiting for “Kim Jaejoong”

The new surprising project of “Kueng” Chalermchai Mahagitsiri, energetic CEO of  Four One One Entertainment, is catching one of the hottest guy whom everyone is waiting to the first solo fan meeting in Thailand. This hottest guy, is not just only handsome and nice, he also has various abilities. He is the senior singer of famous boy band with his beautiful voice and excellent dancing skill. Moreover, he was in the position of Concert Director of his own group concert in 2011. He lately appeared in Korean Drama and got the “New Star Award” from “2011 SBS Drama Awards” which absolutely guaranteed his ability in performance. Wow!! Such a perfect guy like this, who he could be? The guy with handsomeness, bright skin and beautiful eyes… “Kim Jaejoong” of JYJ.

“Kim Jaejoong” Fan…

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★Date: Sat 29 Sep 2012
★Time: 4:00 PM (KST)
★Venue: Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel

Tour Agency: (@GREENTOUR_JP) via @sarithegate
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Traditional casual clothing brand NII showed off its new interiors in the Lotte Young Plaza Myeongdong branch on the 25th.

The sophisticated combination of black and white colors in the newly opened store will stand out and in accordance with Young Plaza, designing closets with a brown tone increases a sense of luxury as well. A TV was installed in front of the store that features video footage of exclusive models JYJ, capturing the eyes of consumers.

In addition, the NII will open a new pop up store on the 2nd floor next month. It will focus on attracting young people and foreigners/tourists to shop for merchandise related to JYJ. JYJ-related products are scheduled to be on display. A JYJ photo zone on the 7th floor Hanuel Park is also installed.

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that’s our prince 😀 😀
once again congratulation jae-ah


JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is drawing a lot of attention by ranking high on every Japanese chart.

Japanese magazine Anan recently did a survey asking, “What is your favorite Hallyu TV series?” SBS’s Protect The Boss, in which Kim appeared, ranked first.

Kim also ranked third, following Hyun Bin, on the survey of ‘Japanese women’s favorite Korean actor.’

The fashion magazine, which sells around 300 thousand copies every week since 1970, is well known as a publication that features the top stars. The magazine is also very popular among girls from their 20s through 30s.

The series was aired on Japanese TBS in July and received considerable attention. The ‘Protect The Boss Kim Jae Joong Special Making DVD,’ which will be released in November, ranked first on a chart as soon as they started to receiving reservation offers.

A Japanese official says, “Kim has many fans who love him…

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i guess from now on this kind surprise from our boys gonna keep coming….and i really like this kind surprise way 😀 😀


JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently ranked first on several online music charts with his original soundtrack “Love is Like a Snowflake” of KBS’s series Innocent Man.

As soon as the song was released, Kim showed off his power by ranking first on the real time charts of Bugs, Daum Music, and Cyworld Music.

The song features Kim’s unique voice and delicate emotions. In the fourth episode of the series, which aired last week, Kim made a surprise appearance through the song and received considerable attention.

Kim has been releasing several popular original soundtracks, including, “You are so Beautiful” of Scene of a Woman and “I Hate Love” of Nice Guy.

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“With Kim Junsu’s distinct voice, viewers were able to notice right away that it was the JYJ member and began searching for it online’

somehow i felt some proudness when i read this part……^^

today i just read some articles on 10+ about the report of Junsu concert in my country….i know it’s already old but still when i read it again especially the part said that Junsu sing all of the song by himself without any lipsync, there are something that boil inside of me which makes me smirk in the end. I am never doubt about junsu skill in singing and the thing that makes me like that (smirk in the end) it just that report remind me about SMTOWN concert in Jakarta which received bad review by ROLLING STONE(Indonesia) and it’s not the first time those people get this kind review because when they held the concert in Paris, the local media in Paris give a really bad review and it’s more worse than  ROLLINGSTONE Indonesia. ahaha…sorry i should not do this.

Well at last it seem that Junsu gonna have more request for sing the drama OST from now on ^^.



The anticipated song sung by JYJ’s Kim Junsu was finally released for the OST of KBS’ Nice Guy.

On September 26, Kim Junsu’s Love is Like a Snowflake was released online, almost immediately taking the number one spots on online music sites, such as Bugs, Daum Music, and Cyworld music, while placing in the top ten for real-time charts for others.

This track became a hot issue on September 20, when it was partially revealed at the end of episode 4 for Nice Guy. With Kim Junsu’s distinct voice, viewers were able to notice right away that it was the JYJ member and began searching for it online.

Kim Junsu has participated in OST for Scent of a Woman and Rooftop Prince.

Nice Guy airs every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS.

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[NEWS] 120926 JYJ’s Junsu releases…

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