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Update with English Subs

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Missing You filming site teaser video
Making Film

Seoul, Dongjak-ku Bondong

The staff is in the middle of the filming preparation.

At that moment, younger Suyeon came to the filming site.

Suyeon and younger Suyeon are greeting each other~

Suyeon: The child actress is pretty, indeed~ haha Did you film well?

Younger Suyeon: Yes, I did.

Jungwoo, Suyeon and the Director are in the middle of a discussion.

Jungwoo: Did you talk with you hands?

The Director’s cool sign language ability haha

Heard the filming description~

Even the rehearsal is done meticulously~

Jungwoo: Oh~ it’s hot T_T

Even though the light bulb was hot, Jungwoo put up with it for the sake of acting~

staff: Let’s do it again when the light bulb cools down~ T_T

The filming started again…

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On 23rd-30th of October, the community portal site ‘DCInside’ have started a poll <Bestfriend in the entertainment industry that will still be meeting each other even if they grow old> in which the famous best friend in the industry, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and singer Kim HyunJoong have been voted by netizens as the 1st place.

Kim Jaejoong and Kim HyunJoong who have once lived together for a certain period previously, took the first place with 531 votes out of 2503 votes (21.2%) in the poll. The two best friends who have developed their friendship since their debut revealed in broadcast (MBC’s K-pop Star Documentary) that when they were facing hardships, they often write letters of encouragement to each other, which then received a lot of envy for their friendships from the netizens.

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Full List

Kim Jaejoong (JYJ) – Kim Hyung Joong #1
Kim Junsu (JYJ) – Eunhyuk (Super Junior)  #7

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Upcoming MBC melodrama “I Miss You” unveiled new teaser stills of its male lead Park Yoo Chun (JYJ). In two of the released stills, Park Yoo Chun stands before a rain streaked glass window, bottled up with both sadness and anger. In the other two, he is seen leaning by a wall with a longing expression on his face.

“I Miss You” is described as a traditional melodrama about first love and stars Park Yoo Chun, Yoon Eun Hye, and Yoo Seung Ho. 

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Kim Jaejoong is the winner of K-POP Star of September^^

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Jae really good on put his feelings into a lyrics of the song…….every song that he created always have a deep and meaningful words. Jae already started wrote a song lyrics since he still on part of his previous group (DBSK) : wasurenaide, shelter, harmony & melody, kiss shita mama sayonara, 9095.

Wasurenaide is a song that he dedicated for his birth mother (mrs. Han), Junsu joined with him on composed shelter, harmony and melody is created by him together with Yoochun for hello Kitty anniversary.  Wasurenaide still became one of my favorite song, it’s so very touched and very meaningful songs.

Jaejoong part start  at 2:59

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After featuring some of K-Pop’s most fashionable male idols in our Style Profile series last week, we asked you to vote on who should be named Fashion King, and we’re ready to announce the results of the poll.

Although each idol star put up a good fight in our poll last week, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong proved once again, that he can’t be beat.

Kim Jae Joong’s classic and cool style was a favorite among our readers, as it garnered 32 percent of the votes.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon followed in second place, but remained a cool distance behind Kim Jae Joong, with 23.1 percent of the votes.

SHINee’s Key pulled in 19.9 percent of the votes, placing him at third, while FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki followed in fourth place with 15.3 percent of votes.

Finally, B2ST’s Jang Hyun Seung rounded out the rankings in last place, garnering 9.6 percent of the votes.

So, it has been decided that Kim Jae Joong is the Fashion King […]!

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Junsu Kim has won the Best Actor for a Leading Role

18th Korean Musical Awards was held at Olympic Hall at Olympic Park, Bang-I dong Seoul on 29th October.
Junsu Kim won the Best Actor for a leading role with ‘Elisabeth’, beating Jeong Han Ryu (Two City Story), Seong Hwa Jung (La Cage Aux Folles), Seung Woo Jo (Dr. Zhivago) and Jung Min Hwang (Man of La Mancha). He also won the Most Popular Actor too, which made him double-winner of the day.

He could not even leave his seat for a while as if he could not believe that he had been called for the award, and sent his regards to fans and other actors/actresses with softened tears in his face and the host Jimin Hong gave him a hug for celebration.

“I don’t know whether I’m the one to receive such a big prize…”, started Junsu Kim with speechless-comment-with-pleasure.

“I guess this award is from many people and other actors/actresses’ love for me and I would like to thank to every actor/actress, staff and audience since Mozart three years ago”, he continued with tears.

He commented, “I’m so astonished and so out of my mind. Thank you so much. Thank you for my loving parents who are always on my side, and Mr. Chang Ju Baek and C-JeS family who have been my sincere supports since we had a lot of changes. I also would like to send my sincere thanks for my members Yuchun and Jaejoong who gave me  a lot of encouragement when I stated musical for the first time. Thank you for the staff at EMK who cheered a lot for me who had absolutely no idea about musical. Musical means a lot to me because it gave me a chance to stand on the stage again, sing again on the stage, being invited to this award and gave me this prize that I could never even imagine to have. Thank you very much for everyone in the industry and all of you. I will do my best to be the actor who can contribute to the musicals”.

The Winners of Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress
of 18th Korean Musical Awards!

Junsu Kim (Singer/Musical Actor)
Debuted for Musicals in 2009, Mozart!

-Award-Winning Career Since debut-

2010 (Mozart)
Winner of the Best Newcomer Actor at 4th The Musical Awards
Winner of the Most Popular Actor at 4th The Musical Awards
Winner of the Most Popular Actor at 16th Korean Musical Awards
Winner of the Best Newcomer Actor at 16th Korean Musical Awards

2011 (Tears of Heaven)
 Winner of the Most Popular Actor at 5th The Musical Awards
Winner of the Most Popular Actor at 17th Korean Musical Awards

2012 (Elisabeth)
 Winner of the Popular Star Awards at 6th The Musical Awards
Winner of the Best Actor for a Leading Role at 18th Korean Musical Awards

Source: Sports Chosun
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