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This project is provided by StandUp4JYJ

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There’s gonna be more links that they will be posting and lots of template emails too. U can write your own if u  want, the templates are mostly only for people unsure in English or who have limited time but want to do something.

I guess this is really awesome project, please always feel free to share this project to other people that you know.I hope that with share and join this project, many people out there gonna be more   aware about the unjust and unfairness that the boys have in their own country. I must say thank you to Standup4JYJ who provide and made this project.

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This fall, there’s a korean musician who tours around the world with his music and dance:

XIAH JUNSU, once a member of TVXQ and now Kim Junsu, a member of JYJ and a musical actor. With rewriting K-pop history, he is keeping his fresh and bold steps by releasing his first solo album under the name of ‘XIA.’ His step is so brave it is as if he tries to reach the apex of K-pop power in his every concert on the worldwide tour. He participated in the minutest part of the recording process of the latest album, showing his firm determination as an artist.

Where does this young man, who his shaping his own future, get his confidence from? We tried to answer this question through an e-mail interview as the singer was about to wrap up his successful New York and LA concerts.

Q. What is the overall…

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Thank you so much for the love that you gave. I have to say this to express my heart of gratitude. I really wish to meet all of you in person under better conditions. I will work really hard to be a better musician and actor. Please continue to express your love. I love you all.


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this is really awesome……i wish i can join in this project too. My tears fallin down again because of this…..i hope our boys can see this video too and JYJ…..we are always gonna support you…….always….JYJ hwaiting !!!!!


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