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We deeply apologize.

As the party in charge of the 32nd National Para Games opening ceremony on Oct 8, we sincerely apologize to everyone for not running the event smoothly, for the inconveniences caused by time delay, order maintenance and many other concerns.

In addition, we apologize once again to many people from all over the country who came here since early in the morning including Kim Junsu(XIA).

We will thoughtfully reflect so that such incident will never occur again in the future.

Next, we are going to explain the matter related to JYJ Kim Junsu(XIA).

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ZE:A’s stage
Sufficient lighting and the MCs did came up to do an interview with them.

Junsu’s stage
It was said that ZE:A’s performance would be last and the MCs left the stage.
MCs left the stage and workers were already taking down the equipment. Then, Junsu came up from behind. Without an interview and lights turned off, Junsu said in his speech:

“This is my first domestic stage since my album was released.
This is a new feeling for me and today, I will make an unforgettable memory.
It’s very cold but for staying in your seats and waiting, I sincerely thank you all.”

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Jae-ah….i hope u can work together with Director Lee someday ^^
a present from the director for Joongie is a song…so joongie can u sing it for us kekekeke
He Rt’ed Junsu tweet……i hope they can phoned each other (with Yoochun too) or meet n sit together


[TRANS] John Lee to Jaejoong: Nice to meet you ~ ~ Jaejung ^ ^

[TRANS] Jaejoong to John Lee: Hello, director~ ^^ For “Meeting when the waiting ends.” Heh.

[TRANS] John Lee to Jaejoong: Reading those words, there’s something faintly nostalgic.. A present for our Jaejung who is immersed in working in solitude at night^^.. A nostalgic song by Kim Tae Won.

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SM Entertainment attempts to consign a rebellious pop group to oblivion

The South Korean pop group JYJ came onto the country’s fevered music scene in 2004 as three fifths of the then-pop group DBSK. They were soon to become what observers call by far the most successful and best-selling pop group that SM Entertainment has ever fielded, making countless millions of dollars for the management company in just five years.

However, today singers Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu remain entangled in a legal system that favors the powerful after the trio attempted to break a 13-year contract they had signed as underage teenagers at the start of their career. It was a contract that worked them to near exhaustion, paid them a fraction of monies earned, gave no accounting of royalties and left little room for renegotiation despite its decade-plus tenure. The group sued to be released and…

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Jiji…..i miss him so much >_<


[Parts unrelated to Jaejoong omitted]

Kim Jae Joong’s Jiji

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is known to be an animal lover as well, as he’s the proud owner of one dog, Vick, and two cats, Jiji and Yoyo.

And although Kim Jae Joong may not be able to play favorites, we’re spotlighting Jiji (coincidentally the only cat in our poll) because

The clip below of Kim Jae Joong chasing after Jiji in his house slippers makes us even surer of our decision.

We rounded up a few of our favorite celebrity pets, and now it’s your turn to be heard. Which famous furry friend would you like to call your own? Vote below!
(Have to be logged onto your FB)

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Junho-sii……please comfort your little brother,  he seem always smiling and he doesn’t want to show his sadness in front of his fans  but you know him very well than us…….please take care of him

I’ve just heard yesterday’s incident happened at my brother’s performance. This is just TOO much and it breaks my heart.. but I’m really proud of Junsu, did his best for fans in such situation. I heard his last song was ‘Fever’ and I hope he’d go for it just like the lyrics of the song!! I support all of you and Fighting!!

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The celebrity soccer team, FC Men, is out to do good deeds again.

According to Sahmyook University, the university’s soccer team will go head to head with FC Men, which consists of celebrities B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang, Yoon Du Jun, Yang Yoseob, 2AM’s Lim Seulong, Seo Ji Suk, Lee Wan, and more. JYJ’s Kim Junsu is the captain of the FC Men team.

The charity game will be held on October 11 at 4 pm on the University’s soccer fields, where FC Men will be donating 10 million won to the less fortunate.

Kim Junsu stated, “We started this team to keep our friendship, but we’re very glad that we can help people in need through these games.”

This will be the second soccer match between FC Men and Sahmyook University. FC Men won in 2011 with 4-3.

FC Men will also be preparing cheering items and signed goodies for the fans and students who come out to watch the game on October 11.

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C-JES Update

Kim Jaejoong Nanjing(China) Fan meeting ticket info
Date: 2012. 10. 20
Venue: Nanjing Olympic Sports Center
Ticket Link:
Tickets sale open: 2012. 10. 11 at 20:00[8p.m.] (Local Time[KST])

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