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Kim family…we love u
let’s charge on!!
JYJ, the boys families, and JYJ fans fighting!!!!



MC of Para Games to Junsu: It was cold yesterday but you have worked hard ^^ see you next time
[Note]:  @doc0102 is the MC of Para Games, Junsu and @doc0102 are following each other on twitter


Junsu’s Mom: Yesterday’s incident that have upset a lot of fans… The comforting each other act between a singer and his fans, that beautiful situation was truly touching and remained an unforgettable scene! Thanks to fans’ fighting cheers Junsu is once again able to rise up! Everyone~ let’s charge on! Thank you!! And I love you~^^♥

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cool !!!!


On 29th of September, JYJ Turkey executed 1st JYJ Turkey Festival Sponsored by KOFICE.
The event’s purpose was to promote JYJ and develop the relationship between Turkey and Korea.
Through this purpose there were promotional videos displayed during the event:

JYJ Screen Introduction


JYJ Turkey Screen Introduction

Support Message of JYJ4SF with Chibisu

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  • November issue, to be released Oct. 24th
  • The spread will be between 12 to 18 pages (out of 500 pages)! [according to Gmarket Japan  and K-Plaza, respectively]
  • Estimate price range: ~$13.99 (plus shipping)
  • Preorder from possible websites: K-Plaza, Ebay, DVD Heaven, (will update with more later)

Credit: @sarithegate, @fathifaith, @126×204
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Congratulations ^^


Full Set of PicsHERE

1st JYJ Turkey Festival “Shows” and “Gifts”

1st JYJ Turkey festival sponsored by KOFICE executed with 250 people, according to the first calculation, became a host to many colorful shows.

The festival started with promotion videos of Korea Tourism Organization Istanbul Office.

In later times of the event, break & hiphop dance teacher Tolga Bostancı (who has an important place among the JYJ Turkey team) and Poyraz Geçit (who is the dancer of one of the most popular Turkish pop artists) drew much interest with the perfect show they prepared for the song of JYJ called “Empty”.


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[TRANS] I meant to write a song but because of Gangnam style the song has not been written.. I inserted the melody of Gangnam style into the guide for fun and I can’t escape from it.. T_T hehe Aish me heh

[TRANS] JJ-I want to meet all of you! I think it’s okay if my head goes stupid, but my heart can’t,
my head is calculating but my heart is thinking deep. That’s why I can’t forget(T.T)

Other translations : 

The brain might forget but the heart will always remember

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i wanna go there……


Note: Along with Coffe Cojjee, Jaejoong also owned Bum’s Story Resturant Link

Kim Jaejoong is going to open a Coffee Shop named “Coffee Cojjee”

“The picture uploader said his friend is a barista in it, so he visited here. As you see the picture, the coffee shop logo is a J-shaped coffee cup, there are two j’s in the coffee shop name “coffee cojjee” and the telephone number ends with ’0126′ which is Jaejoong’s birthday. So…I think we can believe this info?!” (Cr: @126×204)

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First of all, thanks to each and everyone of you who sent letters for the JYJ3 Project “Thanks to you…” we started some weeks ago. (In case you missed the post, you can check it out here). Thank you for taking part in the project and for the cards, fanart, photos or poems you have sent. We really appreciate your encouraging messages to JYJ3 team too.

Since the project is coming soon to an end, we thought it would be good to keep you updated. In case you sent a letter, you can check the letters received so far at the end of this post. If you don’t see your name on the list, please don’t worry as there are still days left and if you didn’t send any letter but you want to take part in the project, just keep reading. ^^

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aigoo…..Junsu-ah….. 😀 😀 😀
he always gonna be my adorable dongsaeng ^^



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our boys truly aging backwards, with those appearance Su look cute and young…


We previously reported about this interview here

Credit: TODNunna via KPOP En México Facebook
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i am sure there are many people who hunted these poster already and it’s gonna keep continued 😀


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