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Part 1

Fans sang Dr. Jin OST “Living Like a Dream” to Jaejoong

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Indonesian fans..

This is the first time I’m having a fan meeting in Indonesia, yet it turns out I will speak not through my voice but through letters. Firstly, with an apologetic heart, I’m not sure what to say.. 
The day before coming here, I suddenly lost my voice so I was scared and frightened. I was worried about what I should say to everyone…I’m sorry. 
I should be talking lots, crying, laughing, and singing for you all. 
So…I concluded that I should make great memories with everyone at a closer distance.. I’m not sure if the amount of talking and singing will be lacking, but if you can understand, I will be grateful..
This is a far place that I can’t frequently come to yet so many fans give me and JYJ so much love, and despite me and JYJ not being able to always see it, thank…

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