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caption on the top left: Memory of the heart-fluttering first love
New Wed-Thurs drama “Missing You”

[A touching traditional drama is coming to find you!]
[A story about the heart-fluttering first love]

Just by looking at them, the two warm-hearted people, Park Yuchun and Yoon Eunhye
[Park Yuchun]
[Yoon Eunhye]
And Yoo Seungho who came back as a man!
[Yoo Seungho]
Let’s meet the main characters of the topic drama “Missing You”!
(Topic of conversation in full bloom)
[Cross love of the 4 people]

[The heart-trembling first love is coming!
New Wed-Thurs drama “Missing You”]

MC: We met the main characters of the new Wed-Thurs drama “Missing You”! Hello!

[Criminal Police Detective ‘Han Jung Woo’, Park Yuchun]
YC: I am Park Yuchun who plays the role of Han Jungwoo in the Wed-Thurs drama “Missing You”. Nice to meet you.

[Carrying awkward charm ‘Kim Eun…

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