Now that Park Yoo Chun is gearing up to be in a super serious, super tragic melodrama (I Miss You), we decided that before we see Park Yoo Chun take on this challenging role, we want to remember just how hilarious Park Yoo Chun can be.Looking back on his past projects, we picked out a few moments that had us cracking up at the silliness that is Park Yoo Chun.

Elevators, the New Changing Room

There were many moments in Rooftop Prince where Prince Yi Gak (Park Yoo Chun) and his minions were confused by all the modern technology and this is one of those scenes that left a strong imprint in our minds.

Thinking that an elevator is a safe place to change clothes, Prince Yi Gak leads his men to the room, only to deal with utter shame and shock soon after.

Prince Yi Gak Dances

While Prince Yi Gak refused to make an idiot out of himself by dressing up as an animal and dancing in front of strangers, he knew he could dance better than his men and couldn’t resist proving it, even if it was in his own personal space.

Party Crashers

Here’s a little bit of Sungkyunkwan Scandal to mix things up a bit.

It’s been two years since the drama ended, but this scene has somehow stayed alive in our memory.

Moon Jae Shin (Yoo Ah In) crashes in on Lee Seon Joon (Park Yoo Chun) and Kim Yoon Hee (Park Min Young)’s bed time, and with both wanting to sleep next to Kim Yoon Hee, Moon Jae Shin and Lee Seon Joon fight over the spot next to her, unlike the gentlemen they’re supposed to be.

Too bad things don’t go as planned and another member joins in on the party crashing.

Informality at Its Best

So used to being pampered and spoiled by all those in lower ranks than him, Prince Yi Gak gets a hard slap in the face, when his men decide to play the modern game of Yaja Time, where you can drop all formality for a given amount of time.

Prince Yi Gak’s men embrace the new cultural game and mock the prince, but unfortunately, they don’t realize they’ve gone too far until it’s too late.

Awkward Slumber Party

Moon Jae Shin crashes the party once again, and this time actually gets to sleep in the same room as Kim Yoon Hee. Unfortunately for him, he can’t sleep because of these unexplainable heart-fluttery feelings he gets for Kim Yoon Hee.

So when she starts creeping towards him, Moon Jae Shin has nowhere to go, except closer to Lee Seon Joon, who of course, freaks out at the close contact.

What were some hilarious moments in Park Yoo Chun’s dramas that you remember?

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