JYJ member Kim Jaejoong and Super Junior member Choi Siwon have both left their ‘K-Pop idol’ titles behind and transformed into true actors.

Kim Jaejoong makes his film debut with “Jackal is Coming” also known as “Code Name: Jackal” where he appears as a top star next to a female killer. He exceeded expectations by acting in a comedy and breaking through his charismatic and mysterious image.

In order to live, he will tell the killer played by Song Ji Hyo that he’s not the real star and will show off incredible amounts of slapstick comedy for an idol star. He will try to make himself look fatter and style his hair in the strangest ways in order to make her and the viewer’s laugh.

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Jae truly showed his improved acting skill during Dr Jin and on ‘Code Name : Jackal’  his give many funny expression.  If on Dr Jin, he got so many sad scene but in Jackal, it seem many funny scene……It must be hard to completely absorb to each character in a short time but he really made it.  he can manage it even though he must endured many hard moment to filming the drama in the movies in the same time. The most drama that impressed me from each drama that he ever play is Dr Jin. On Protect the Boss, at first i still can feel awkward feeling from his acting but then his acting skill started to developed so fast and  also started to be more stable than before but on Dr Jin, his way to expressing Kyung tak feelings really amazed me. It also same goes with Yoochun and Junsu acting skill. They can be more absorb to their own character and became more better and better from each episode or performance.

For the other person which mentioned in above, at first i am gonna be say sorry if my comment offended you but to be honest i found that CSW acting skill is not really impressed me and i can’t found any feelings from the character that he play. I guess it because he still hold on into his idol image and still can’t completely to became one with his character on drama that he play. When i saw the trailer of Skip Beat live action, i can’t find Ren character on him, i mean he look expressionless and he can’t bring the feeling of Ren character out.

I know that the  character from Skip Beat which the most hard to play is Ren Tsuruga/ Kuon since i read and watch both the manga and anime of it. Tsuruga Ren is someone who always smiling brightly and kind to other people but behind of it, he have a very dark side and past. The real of him is more like a beast, he doesn’t have any hesitancy to kill someone who offended him but he also have a warm side especially when he is still young and play with young Kyoko when he  visit to Kyoto, when he happy he never showed his expression on his face but when he angry, he used give a bright smile which always makes Kyoko scared to death.

Actually the first time that i heard about Skip Beat Live action, i bit happy that the one that gonna played as Ren is Donghae but because his height not tall like Ren so he played as Sho which makes me little bit disappointed  because when i observe him more closely, among the members of SJ Donghae is one of the members that have a many talent. He can compose song, writing the lyrics, and his acting actually is pretty good since he can delivered the feeling of Sho quite well. If only he is work in a better company which give freedom for the artist to explore his talents more and have a respect to the artist too, i am pretty sure Donghae can be a good artist.

Once again i am gonna sorry to CSW  fans who maybe read this. This is just my opinion.

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