JYJ was awarded from the Minister of Knowledge and Economy.

JYJ received an award from the Minister of Knowledge and Economy at an opening ceremony of ‘KBEE 2012’ (Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2011) that was held at INTEX Exhibition Center in Osaka, Japan, on 15th. JYJ was recognized as the top Hallyu star that actively influences various areas of cultural industries.

C-Jes Entertainment, the agency of JYJ, said that, “With the fact that delivering Hallyu culture in countries such as in South America and Europe where have weak basement for Hallyu culture while not having limited concerts in Asia depends on profit, and the fact that creating chances and signal for Japanese fans to visit Korea with concert, drama fan meetings and fan fairs while JYJ’s activities in Japan is not allowed, and other facts are the result of JYJ’s efforts.” Also, C-Jes Entertainment added that, “Even though JYJ has no recent activity in Japan and visited Osaka after 3 years from the last visit, thousands of fans at an airport proved JYJ’s popularity.”

Meanwhile, JYJ said at the ceremony that, “We’re so happy to see many people who love Korea and our music though concerts and fan fair events. We’re going to be better with better activities after this meaningful award,” in a fluent Japanese.

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[NEWS] 121116 JYJ Awarded by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy

JYJ was awarded a commentation by the Minister of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

On November 15, JYJ was awarded by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo (2012 KBEE) held in Osaka. Officials from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the government were present at the event, where JYJ was recognized as a top class hallyu star active across a variety of areas.

The award took into consideration how JYJ successfully spread Korean culture through the world with its world tour, which gathered 210,000 fans in 15 countries, and continued to draw Japanese fans to Korea through concerts, fanmeetings and its fan exhibition.

The fan exhibition held in June was especially Korea′s first fan exhibition event, and made issues for drawing 7,024 Japanese fans to Korea. A rep from the airport had said it had set a record as the single event which recorded the most foreigner visits, and officials had stated the economic effects would exceed 10 billion won.

An official stated through JYJ′s agency C-JeS Entertainment, “JYJ′s achievements aren′t only limited to Asia, where they are able to earn much profit, but also such locations as South America and Europe where there hasn′t been much promotion. The award was given in order to recognize that. We heard the group hasn′t been active in Japan recently, but still thousands of fans gathered at the airport although it was the group′s first visit to Osaka in three years, and confirmed its popularity hadn′t waned.”

The JYJ members said, “We were happy to learn through our concert and fan exhibition that there were many who loved our music and Korea. We′ll accept this award and repay our fans with a better image.”

The members are currently busy with individual activities. Kim Jae Joong recently premiered his film The Jackal is Coming, Park Yoo Chun will be starring in the drama I Miss You and Kim Junsu has been touring Europe.

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I am very happy and proud to the boys about of the achievement that they got 😀

Korean Government may i ask you, can u guys stop to be cowardly and start to stand up for people who really need a justice ? The boys already work their best as an ambassador for your country and as a singer/an actor with their concert/fan meeting also fans fair also already boost your economy so now can you guys also give their rights too ?. 

It’s already 3 years that the boys can’t appear on any music show even though they are a singer, during those times there already many disgraceful act that some people from your country show to the boys….but the boys still really loves their country more than anything…Even though they know that there are many another unfair and unjustice event gonna came to them again and again but still they are still hold their pride as a Korean…….If i am became one of the Korean staff  government, and i used the boys for advantages of my country economy and culture  but then when everything started to be okay, i pretend that i don’t see anything bad happen to the boys even though there are many disgraceful moment already shown in front of me…….. seriously  i am gonna be really ashamed to appear in front of  these boys.

That was my end rant for now, oh well i am glad and grateful though even though the boys being banned both in SK and Japan, but that doesn’t make them less productive and miserable, in fact it brings out the best in each of them.They become a superior class of entertainers and individuals setting them above from the ordinary. Also it’s makes them to be marked as a very dangerous enemies for some people who felt gonna loss many advantage because the boys successful

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