The movie of Kim Jaejoong, by Kim Jaejoong and for Kim Jaejoong

Firstly, it’s a must-watch if you’re Kim Jaejoong’s fan. During 1 hour 40 minutes of running time, you can watch the scenes of Kim Jaejoong that you almost never get to watch. Thanks to the fact that he appears in the movie as a Hallyu star, ever since the beginning of the movie, his songs are repeated over and over. Singing, dancing, acting cute, crying, getting angry, you can enjoy all these scenes of Kim Jaejoong. And the scene where he bared the upper body will make many fans’ hearts tremble.

Catch the reversal code

Actor Oh Dalsu explained the view point of the movie as “the movie which brings a great pleasure of reversal.” Although the whole story means for the reversal, the audience might feel that it’s a little bit weak. Above all, the biggest reversal (?) should be Kim Jaejoong and Kim Sungryung’s kiss scene. Kim Jaejoong revealed, “Because sunbae-nim made it comfortable for me, we were able to well finish the scene without tension.”

The showcase of various styles of characters

Oh Dalsu, Kim Sungryung, Han Sangjin, etc. the appearance of these famous supporting actors added more fun to the movie. In addition, many other characters will give you big laugh, such as the stalker who stubbornly follows Choi Hyun, the policewoman who provides the clue to resolve the problem, the inflexible manager of Paradise Hotel, etc. However, the appearance of too many characters might become a disadvantage.

Source: Donga via Nate
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