On the afternoon of 15th at 2 pm, the opening ceremony of Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo (KBEE2012) was held and in attendance are the formally appointed ambassadors of the event, JYJ (Junsu, Jaejoong, Yoochun) and Park Hyoshin. They are entrust as the publicity ambassador and participated in tape cutting ceremony to raise the curtain for the event.

The aim of the event, to strengthen the harmony of Korea-Japan business, “Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo (KBEE2012)” is a three days exhibition, from 14 until 16th held at Intex Osaka. Organized by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and managed by KOTRA and KOCCA, the exhibition is held in foreign countries with a large scale of Hallyu expo. The first KBEE was held in Bangkok, the second was in Paris and continuing with the third, in Osaka.

For the curtain raising ceremony, as many as 26000 applications were received where only 600 very lucky fans were drawn through lottery, and amidst the attentive watch of the attendance, as soon as JYJ entered the ceremony venue, the hall was engulfed in loud cheers.

After the honorable commendation awarding ceremony, Junsu greeted saying, “To be appointed as the ambassador for Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo is a privilege. I’m also happy that a lot of people are participating. I also think that a lot of company will be able to acquire a good business partner.”

Jaejoong commented: “We went on a world tour and we received a lot of love. I’m sincerely grateful for the many support that we received. Even as JYJ or as individual, I think we must show our best performance. And during these time, we got this kind of news, I’m very happy.”

And adding to that Yoochun had further promised: “I’m really thankful for the many fans that had come and participate in the expo and fan meetings. From now onwards too, we shall carry the responsibility and continue in working even harder.”

After that, when asked about their current activities during the question corner, Yoochun replied with, “I am currently filming for a drama, “I Miss You (Bogoshipta), Jaejooong’s new movie, “Jackal Is Coming” premiered on the 15th, and then Junsu is currently preparing for his world tour in Germany (30th),” stating each member’s busy solo activities.

When asked about plans for activities in Japan, they replied, “We always want to do activities in Japan, but due to a lot of reasons (we can’t). If it’s (the reasons) settled, anytime we will do a drama or even a movie, we want to participate in various activities in Japan.” They voiced out their frustration while showing their burning desire.

When asked about what is the present from the fans that left the most impression, they all looked at each other and said, “Everyone’s love! If I say that it won’t be interesting, right?” “Lately, instead of getting the presents, the fans donated to people who are in need (in our names), that is a present.” are some of what they said.

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Source: Yahoo Japan
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Don’t worry my boys…..i always believe that one day….one day when the right time already came, you guys can do every project that you want to do in Japan again…i always believe in behind of every matter that you guys must faced right now, maybe there are things that you can have when you guys on these kind circumstance also God want to makes you guys more better, more mature than before and Allah/God want to give the best for you…….. so when God thought that you guys ready and good enough, God must be already made the path for you to solve every problem that you guys have right now and everything also gonna be more easily for you to resolve…..JYJ fighting!!!!!