With the rising popularity of K-Pop, it’s impossible to keep track of the newbies popping into the scene. To excel in the entertainment scene, idols no longer restrict themselves to singing and acting in dramas, but are also focusing on another niche market: Musicals.

Musicals have become a new platform for artistes to showcase their singing abilities. For the musical production companies, the inclusion of an idol group member also guarantees a good sales figure for the musical.

Involvement in a musical has its pros and cons though. Some idols were lauded for their singing and acting talents after their stints as musical actors, while others just left people wondering why the star was even cast.

xinmsn checks out 10 promising idols who had tried their hands in musicals and rates their success.


K-Pop idols turned musical actors: Who did it better?

JYJ, Junsu

Took part in: Mozart, Heaven’s Tears, Elizabeth

Level of success: ★★★★★


Mozart was Junsu’s first job after breaking off from DBSK and as a member of JYJ, so the experience held special meaning for the singer. Despite being praised as an excellent singer, taking part in musicals allowed Junsu’s fans, as well as the general public, to have a glimpse of what this talented singer could achieve with his flawless vocals when coupled with his budding acting skills.

All the musicals that Junsu took part in was an instant sold-out. His performance in Mozart had also earned him recognition from veteran musical actors and awards n many musical-related awards shows for the year.

After Mozart, the talented singer also took lead in Heaven’s Tears and Elizabeth, in which the 34,000 tickets for his Elizabeth shows were snapped up within 10 minutes.

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Congratulations Junsu-ah…. 😀

Note : only Junsu who got 5 stars which it’s mean that he is on the first spot. After Junsu there are Dana and Lina (The grace) also Kyuhyun and Sungmin (Suju) with 4 stars, meanwhile Daesung (Big bang) and Gyuri (KARA) got 3 stars and the rest such Yunho(duodbsk), Dongjun (ZE:A) and Changmin (2AM) only got 2 stars.

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