LOL…….even the army guys came to see Jae 😀

Fan account of a fan watching “Codename: Jackal” on 17 Nov 2012:

Before the cast arrived, there were about 10-20 army guys in the cinema going to watch a movie.
I think they were probably not there for “Jackal”

When the cast and Jae arrived, fans who gathered there immediately rushed towards him. Surprisingly, those army guys also did the same. ^_^
I thought they were there to support and to watch SJH, the female lead.

Then I heard a commotion.
“Waa daebak! Really handsome! Waa, really really handsome! Waa too handsome!”
The army guys were seen laughing and slapping each other’s shoulders and arms, total chaotic.

Then I realised, they couldn’t be talking about SJH coz we don’t call a woman “handsome”.
hahaha~ they should be referring to Jae.

They were all army guy but their reactions are just like fans seeing their idols! LOL

Source: KJJ DC Gall
Credit: Yoyo_0721 via JJ baidu bar
English Translation: ShadowJaeJes


Pic Credit: Jacky
Shared by: JYJ3 + miaw0730