Supermarket Support for <Missing You> started from November 15th to December 14th

We’ve always said that we want Yoochun to see Chinese Chunsas’ love, so after knowing Yoochun’s participation in “Missing You” we had began to consider various possibilities, hoping to help advertise Yoochun’s new drama and show his international influence.

In the end, we decided to aim for the population in control of the tv remotes – the housewives, and the location where they frequent – supermarkets. As the filming schedule rapidly unfolds and comparing different methods’ costs as well as effectiveness, we settled on support through supermarket shopping carts.

Based on our budget, we chose the largest supermarket in Korea, Emart, and placed the advertisement at the three locations (Seongsu, Yeongdeungpo, and Cheonggyecheon) with the biggest traffic in the Seoul area.

We placed 390 carts total in the three stores (the contracted amount was 380, but the contractor provided 10 extra for free, thus we placed 130 carts in each store, totaling to 390 in the end). The advertisement period will be from 11/15/1012 to 12/14/2012.

Below are the design of the ads and the actual photos of the carts:

Credit: mickybaidubar
Translated by: g.fanns of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + miaw0730