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Any special orders from the director for the character Choi Hyun?

Gradually I started to let myself down (T/N: means he didn’t care about his public image and let go of all restrictions) but I probably went too far that director-nim had to stop me. One day, he told me, “Jaejoong-ah, how far will you go?” (Laugh) (T/N: the director was worried about Jaejoong’s public image). And after filming the version that the director wanted, we also filmed the version that I wanted to do.

In the movie, despite being a Hallyu star, Choi Hyun didn’t mind eating humble pie in order to escape danger. Contrary to his appearance, Choi Hyun has a lot of clumsy acts, which makes him cute. Is there any similarity to Kim Jaejoong in real life?

I’m not exactly like that but I think we’re similar at some point. I’m not that despicable. (Laugh) However, there are many times when I don’t act like my age. I tend to act cute every time I’m with my members. Among the members, I’m the one who acts cute the most. My young brothers have all grown up now and they don’t act cute any more. As the kids (T/N: refers to his young brothers LOL) get older, they act are more like hyungs than I do.

You said that you wanted to work with Song Jihyo. How do you feel about finally getting work with her? 

Firstly, although Jihyo noona is in the same company with me and we’re quite comfortable to each other, I still felt nervous. However, after a few scenes together, the burden disappeared. There were many NGs because Jihyo noona laughed a lot. So I thought, ‘So NGs happen to Jihyo noona too’ and felt more relieved.

There are many scenes beyond prediction between you and Song Jihyo. How was the scene that you were hit in the bed? Did you really get hit?

Yes, I was hit for real. Jihyo noona apologized to me for that. She has apologized and since she’s sly, she did it again a few times (T/N: means she hit Jaejoong many times, maybe because of the NGs). It would have been nice if, instead, she did it just once and strongly. The marks left on my tied hands remained for a long time.

There were many tough scenes. What is the most memorable scene to you?

The scene where I was kidnapped and tied to a chair. I got bruises on my arms because I was tied for too long. It really hurt.


Is there any scene that you feel that you can do better if you had the chance to do it again?

Everything. I think I can do better if I do it again. If to choose only one scene, it must be the scene that I got electrocuted. It would have been better if I looked more tortured.

I was surprised that your kiss with Kim Sungryung sunbae was more intense than I thought.

I told myself, “Kim Sungryung sunbae is a veteran actress, she won’t get nervous because of the kiss scene. I shouldn’t be either. It would be ridiculous if I’m the only one that feels nervous.” With that thought, everything ended well. Kim Sungryung sunbae used orange lipstick so my mouth also turned orange. There were some NGs because of that.

I’m curious about the charms of acting to Kim Jaejoong.

When you get older by 1 or 2 years, those days where you were innocent disappear. When I began my acting career, I thought of my trainee days when I tried all my best while hoping to fulfill a dream. If your time of being singer is long enough, your original goal can change. Through acting, I want to do my best with that pure heart again and also want to challenge myself.

What do you want the audience to have in their mind when they watch the movie?

I would like them to feel comfortable when they watch the movie. If you just relax and enjoy it, you will find it interesting. I hope that everybody will enjoy and laugh a lot. Also, please look at my character positively.

If the movie gets 1 million viewers, you will treat everyone jjajangmyun. That commitment is still unchanged right?

I really deadly want to treat everybody to jjajangmyun. (Laugh) I just need to check if there are any Chinese restaurants near the theater. I have also prepared the cash. (Laugh)

Park Yoochun is well on the way as an actor, Kim Junsu can also be proud of his ticket power as a musical actor. You must be inspired looking at your friends.

I really admire my members. Junsu is great. I don’t think Junsu is recognized in the musical world because of his popularity. His skill was recognized and now even the general musical lovers also come to see Junsu. Isn’t it amazing? I think Yoochun has adapted very quickly as an actor. I don’t think that it’s too hard for a singer to adapt to musical, because it’s music-related.. But drama is a different thing. It’s really great that he can adapt to it.

Have you thought about challenging a musical?

Of course I want to do musicals. I have a strong mind of challenge. However, Junsu will soon become an impassable wall. I wondered if I could do it better than Junsu. And if I do musical now, I will become his hoobae (T/N: junior). (Laugh)

Now you’re no longer ashamed of having ‘actor’ as modifier before the name Kim Jaejoong?

I love actor Kim Jaejoong. (Laugh) I want to greet everyone through works of various genres to the point that I no longer feel awkward hearing people call me ‘actor Kim Jaejoong’.

Source: Max Movie via Nate
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