# There are no former Kim Jaejoong

To the question about his feeling about his first big screen challenge, he came up with a short answer, “I wasn’t nervous.” The reason is that, as he said, he has given out his all to show another charm of himself. Actually, in the movie, Jaejoong didn’t show the dignified image that everybody has seen till now but an honest and attractive image.

“I think I wasn’t really nervous and trembled as I continued filming. I engaged myself in the filming with the thought that I must let go of everything and give out my all. Because my character is really a snob, I had to try very hard to throw away my image.”However, it seems that world star Kim Jaejoong does get nervous in front of the public. Now he’s nervously waiting for the tough reactions from the public.“I actually don’t know much about the commercial movie system. I only concentrated on the filming. But after watching the movie myself, I just get so nervous. Tough reactions may pour out. I’m worried.“

# “It seem that dude can’t do anything well”

Sitting face to face with the reporters for one-hour interview, Kim Jaejoong repeatedly requested, I hope that everybody don’t expect too much from the movie. Because greater the expectations, greater the disappointment. Each character has its own peculiarity. Please look at the small funny things happening between those characters.

Kim Jaejoong is defined as a star that knows to lower himself. If and <dr. jin=””> were a good stepping stone for him, lets him break away from the shelf where he has been imprisoned and head out in the world.

This Kim Jaejoong is new’, ‘So he can act like that too’, I want to hear such appraisal. I think can make people feel my real new image. Those who only think of me as singer Kim Jaejoong will absolutely have to change their mind after watching the movie.

And then, I asked him, “What do you hate to hear the most?” “’It seems that that dude can’t do anything well’ is the worst. Fortunately it’s not that I can’t do anything well though. Haha. I hope that people won’t just say ‘You’ve worked hard’.

# “I think I can do anything”

Kim Jaejoong saidI always want to show a new image of mine. No matter what kind of blame he gets, he wants to pour out all he has from the inside. Therefore, I asked him if that mind has changed.To be honest, what I wanted to do the most at the beginning was sageuk and I wanted to try a messy character the most. Now I feel like I can do anything.

I know that many actors/actresses want to avoid sageuk and comic. But I want to try those genres. Since I have tried, is there any genre that I can’t do? I think I can show my new image without hesitation.”

It has been 9 years since Kim Jaejoong set foot in entertainment world where fierce competitions exist. He was worried about what he has to do and what people want from him. Will become a turning point in his worthwhile life?

Kim Jaejoong told the reporters who were about to leave, “But.. If you try to see through me, there’s a long way to go. Because my ability is infinite. Haha

Credit: OBS News
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
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i always get irritated to people who always give a comment such : ‘ he look like a girls must be because his looks so he can be success like now’ or anything comment which only judge Jae from the cover  not from his effort or his talent or his personality. I guess Jae also realized and aware very much about this so that’s why he always want to challenge himself in many area and in many different roles.

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