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Park Yoochun found Yoon Eun Hye again.

On the 5th episode of MBC Wed/Thu drama ‘I Miss You’ which aired on November 21st, Han Jung Woo (played by Park Yoochun) recognized his first love Lee Soo Yeon (played by Yoon Eun Hye) at first sight even after 14 years.

Han Jung Woo was leaving after investigating a death at Kang Hyung Joon‘s home then he stopped at the gates of the house. It was pouring and Han Jung Woo ran to where the switch was by the front door. While he was looking for the switch to open, he heard a woman’s voice say, “The rain will stop. It won’t.”

Han Jung Woo saw a woman beyond the gate who was repeating, “The rain will stop. It Won’t. It will. It won’t” just like Soo Yeon used to when she was young.

Han Jung Woo was frozen, staring at Lee Soo Yeon but then Lee Soo Yeon ran away and Han Jung Woo yelled out, “Stop there” and tried to go over the gates. The viewers were made curious guessing whether Han Jung Woo will be able to finally really meet Lee Soo Yeon again.

Image: MBC ‘I Miss You’
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Are we in the era of JYJ?

JYJ members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu are each excelling in films, dramas, and in musicals, drawing the attention of the fans and the industry giants alike.

First is the member Kim Jaejoong who has made his big screen debut with the movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’. He has demonstrated in television dramas that he is a more than capable actor and he’s ready to expand his potential into films. Kim Jaejoong plays an A-list star in the movie and he hasn’t shied away from making himself look ridiculous to make the character come alive. He’s been praised by the industry insiders for his passion and hard work.

Even though ‘Jackal Is Coming’ is Kim Jaejoong’s first film, he has shown acting abilities much beyond his experience and he portrays his character in the a perfect way, which is sure to hit a chord with the moviegoers. Kim Jaejoong has taken his first step in the film industry with the movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’ and many are curious as to how and if he will make a comeback with another hit at the box office.

At similar timing member Park Yoochun has started appearing on the MBC drama ‘I Miss You’, taking over the character Han Jung Woo from child actor Yeo Jin Goo. Park Yoochun will be playing the main character that lives his live in regret and sorrow for not being able to protect his first love. It’s expected that the actor will make many female fans cry from their hearts with his amazing acting.

Park Yoochun is an actor who gets praised a lot for his ability to express his emotions very delicately through his acting. His acting truly stood out in the drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ and his excellent acting skill is unquestioned. The viewers’ anticipation is high on how Park Yoochun will portray the deeply hurt Han Jung Woo, whose childhood experience still haunts him as an adult.

Lastly is the member Kim Junsu who’s won the ‘Best Male Actor’ award at the ’18th Korea Musical Daesangs’. Kim Junsu starred on several musicals including ‘Mozart’ and ‘Elizabeth’ and he’s an highly regarded actor in the musical industry.

Kim Junsu has also won the ‘Popularity Award’ for the third year in a row at the ’6th The Musical Award’ held in June of this year, revealing his incredible popularity as a musical actor. He’s finally enjoying the fruits of his hard work over the last three years as a musical performer and the fans are waiting in anticipation for his next musical.

It wouldn’t be so farfetched to say that it is an era of JYJ at the moment and 2012 has especially been special for members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu. The fans are eagerly awaiting to see what JYJ has in store for them in 2013.

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I don’t know how i must put these feeling into the words. There are many mixed feeling in my chest that right now. I always said this over and over again that i really proud to the boys….they never stop to makes me amazed with every thing that they already showed til now.

I am  sad because this boy still keep endure unfair and injustice treatment from some people, i also felt angry every time i read or saw how the government or some people still give a ridiculous or lame excuse for cover up the injustice that the boys get. But i also thought about this again and again……..there are many troubles that the boys must faced which in the end became a blessing for the boys.

Thanks to God, now the boys can started to be recognized as a group with a many talents. Even though they are not in a big entertainment agency, not being supported by a big amount of money like their condition in the past, not able to promote in music  show,  instead being disappeared or down which some people really wanna see it happen and i am sure many people really looking down them especially when the boys decided to walk out from their previous agency.

The boys proved them that they are wrong…….The boys keep stand up and learn to cope with everything that started changes and which makes me very glad. The boys keep being humble and always appreciate to everything that they have. The boys started to show their real talents that keep bury in deep of the darkness when they are still their previous agency. Even though they allowed to create a new songs or do what they can do but it seem that SM not give the boys chance to exploring their talents more and i guess i already figured out why those people do that and my suspicious about it is proved by how fast the talents that the boys have started to grew and showing the result after they left that agency.

Thanks to God for everything that the boys have and faced makes them became like now. I am really grateful that God give this path for the boys. It’s true that the journey is still long and hard but if it’s compared with the achievements and the unforgettable moments that the boys have, i guess it’s nothing…..I always believed that the banning thing is one part of trouble that disguised to be a blessing for the boys. Maybe God create a wall (with a banned matter) so the boys can achieve every things that they got now which they maybe can’t have it if they already got their freedom. Everything happen because there are a reason behind it and every problem always have the solution.

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New Preview

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R: It’s the second time you and Yoochun worked together for the same drama.

KSH: Not long ago, we met at the filming site and we even took photos together. After filming ‘Rooftop Prince’ I received another new drama & got to know that we will be working for the same drama again. I felt very happy to meet each other again.

R: It seems like you really like Yoochun-ssi, what are his charms that attracted you?

KSH: It was a little unexpected. I thought he was a quiet person, but instead he joked a lot and I had a gentle image of him. Initially I don’t really pay any attention to any artists, but after meeting Yoochun oppa for the first time, he spoke to me first ‘You and I share the same birthdate, right?’. He really seemed to be a nice guy.

R: It is said that Yoochun-ssi addresses you as ‘Princess-nim’? Do you remember the first time when both of you met?

KSH: That’s true. But he doesn’t call me that when we’re actually talking in person, but only sometimes when we’re texting each other (laughs). When I first met him Yoochun oppa came wearing the red tracksuit and was scratching his tummy,  ’He seems easy-going’ I thought, thats why I wanted to be friend with him.

R: Have you heard Yoochun-ssi’s songs?

KSH: I liked ‘An Empty Place For You’. I also listened to many of JYJ songs and I really liked ‘In Heaven’.

Source: My Daily
Translated by: Stephanie @5StarsAs1
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When i firstly saw her acting, to be honest i am felt amazed….She is really a good actress ^^. I am very happy that So Hyun liked Yoochun and JYJ songs too and to be honest i don’t mind if someday she became like a little sister for the boys. 

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Park Yoo Chun finally made a highly anticipated appearance in the series Missing You.
In the 5th episode of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You, which aired on November 21, the JYJ member makes his first appearance in the series as Han Jung Woo.
Jung Woo visits Sang Deuk at jail, who is a sex offender who raped Jung Woo’s first love, Lee Soo Hyun (played by Kim So Hyun).

The evil criminal rubs Jung Woo’s fur the wrong way by saying, “Did you get in touch with your ex-girlfriend? She was really pretty.” With a stiff look on his face, Jung Woo roars: “I will get rid of you. That’s why I became a detective. You have three days to go until you finish your jail term. After you get released, be careful that you’re not killed. You’re not allowed to be killed, because I’m going to kill you.

Netizens responded: “The evil guy is still alive. Disgusting!” “We need stricter laws about sex offenders in Korea.” “Oh my, Yoo Chun’s first appearance just makes me happy.”

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part 5


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first 15-min YC cut

FULL ver

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starts at 4:10

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