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Sasaeng fans, in order to discover the private life of a certain celebrity and his/her every move, chase after him/her day and night. We’re referring to hardcore fans.

Up to recently, no, up to now, the sasaeng fans controversy is still the talk of the town. Movie comically conjures up that-not easy- to tell story

The highlight is the scene of bloody fight with sasaeng fan. In the movie, sasaeng fan sneaks into Kim Jaejoong’s house while he’s sleeping soundly and takes picture of him, watches over his every move. His swollen lips, his insecure face might arouse laughter but to some persons, it’s not easy to smile while watching that scene in the movie. What might be the reason?

Seeing JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, who is pointed out as the biggest victim of sasaeng fans directly, talk about sasaeng fans somehow make me feel uncomfortable. The sasaeng fans that have harassed Kim Jaejoong, I wonder what they will think if they watch the movie.

When I first read the scenario, I was like ‘Oh my!’ There is really a story about sasaeng fans [in the movie].  Haha. But if you look at the big flow of the movie, that stalker girl is an important factor to add more fun to the movie. That’s why I had some fun reading the scenario.

The reproof must be accurate because it comes out from the person directly involved.  Nobody wants his/her own story to be dug up. They want to talk about it themselves.

It is not my intention. That story was already in the scenario before I was casted. I thought that it would make everyone laugh. You seem so serious about it. Haha.”

Actually, there is nothing related to his own story in the movie. That Kim Jaejoong only exists in the scenario. I asked him, “What will sasaeng fans think when they watch the movie?” “They will probably look at the sasaeng fan in the movie and say something like ‘Why is she so ugly?’ Even if they watch the movie, they won’t feel anything.”

Credit: OBS News
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
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