[TRANS] Today is a day for “Missing You”~ ^^

[Note: He’s referring to Yoochun’s drama]

[TRANS] I Miss You.. I want to watch it quickly!!

(T/N: word playing on 보고싶다 which can mean ‘I miss you, missing you, want to watch, want to see/look)

[TRANS] @elbowyeish Hyung, since you’re in the US you can’t watch the live broadcast!!!


[TRANS] @poimin73 I have remembered that date^^
(in reply to him asking JS to go see a future performance of the musical ‘Rudolf’)

[TRANS] @JUNO_Japan kekeke See you tomorrow hyung^^

[TRANS] @JUNO_Japan Are you coming to the airport to pick me up?^^

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Junsu-ah……u really a good dongsaeng ^^. U keep promotes your beloved hyungs project for them who can’t do it anymore through twitter….i hope that your preparation for your last concert in Germany gonna being well too….. 😀

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