On 21st of November, everything about Korea, Korea-Turkey relationship, K-Pop and K-Dramas were talked on a TV program of Cengiz Semercioğlu called “Böyle Bir Şey Var mı?” on Turkish TV channel TV8. Program’s guests were dear Dong Woo Cho  who is counselor of The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ankara as well as head of Korean Cultural Center in Ankara, Hilmi Kesenek who is Korea Republic Cultural Counselor and head of Korea-Fans.com and JYJ Turkey admin Feyza Özdeş.

The program was broadcasted live.Many Turkish and foreigner famous people have participated in the program called “Böyle Bir Şey Var Mı?” before. (The program name can be translated as ‘’ Can there be anything like this? / Is there anything like this?) While the program is an intellectual talk show,Cengiz Semercioğlu is also a very well known name in Turkish media.He made interviews with the names like Steven Spielberg.Besides he is an article writer in one of the best seller newspapers in Turkey called “Hürriyet”.

Group “Samulnori” performed at the opening.

Popular K-Pop singers were shown via VTR on screen and also MC, Mr. Cengiz read the tweets that were sent about K-Pop and K-Dramas.

JYJ-Get Out

Xia Junsu – Tarantallegra

JYJ – MTV performace

Mr Cengiz showed In Heaven album that was gifted to him and introduced JYJ as “One of the most popular Korean artists”. He really loved the design of the album and said that Turkish artists should learn from them and showed the jacket pictures of the album.

Jaejoong’s Turkey FM was mentioned and they said that Jaejoong brought this album. Mr. Cengiz thanked for the album and he said that he would listen.

Mr. Cho talked about Korea and Turkey friendship and he said that after the Korean War, Turkey and Korea became “Blood Brothers.”

He said that 2013 was Korea Year in Turkey and there would be an EXPO called 2013 Istanbul-Gwangju EXPO in Istanbul and also there would be a K-Pop concert.

Second guest was Turkey’s popular singer Bengü. Bengü said that she liked JYJ album design and cover  and she sweetly mentioned her eyes were similar with JYJ ^^ She said that she found K-Pop very energetic.

Korea lovers made “#TV8deKoreveKpop” trending topic in Turkey while the program was on air.

Backstage photo: Cengiz Semercioğlu, Dongwoo Cho, Hilmi Kesenek, Feyza Özdeş, Özlem Gökçekaya and Samulnori.

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JYJ Turkey will soon sub the full program and share it with you! You can find the details in the video.

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OMG….it feels that  am gonna cried right now…….JYJ Turkey you guys really done very a good and even great job for promoting the boys…i hope next year you guys can watch the boys performance in LIVE concert in Turkey.