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Hallyu star JYJ Kim Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong in real life is more vivacious than I expected. At the photo shooting set for the interview, he kept talking with the PR staffs and the agency officials. There is only one topic. He want to promote even just a little more his debut movie < Code Name : Jackal >, and to have more chance, even  just a little more, to express himself in front of his fans.

Kim Jaejoong plays an arrogant Hallyu star in < Code Name : Jackal>. He nags at his manager, ignores his fans. It’s a thoughtless bastard character.

“Because I have appeared in traditional dramas, I really wanted to do something different. I wanted to show a more relaxed and free image. Actually, since < Code Name : Jackal> has many comically scene, many things were exaggerated. However, in such process, my honest image can be seen. I want to show everyone that Kim Jaejoong also has this aspect; that Kim Jaejoong can also act like that.”

< Code Name : Jackal > is Kim Jaejoong’s debut movie.  Although it was burdensome, he could comfortably approach [ the movie] because its genre is comedy. “I still don’t have enough experience to take the lead role.” Kim Jaejoong humbly said.

“In case of drama, the episodes are airing while the drama is shooting, so we can know the reaction from time to time. But movies are not like that. We had the press premiere and I was really nervous. It was like I was waiting for my score after completing all my homework. Would you believe me if I say that I was so horrified that I got goosebumps?”

“Now that I think about it, there are some scenes where I should have overacted more. At the filming set I thought that it was OK but after watching the movie, I think differently. Rather than one flow, it should have had some up-and-down emotions. It’s regrettable.”

To the question about what satisfies him the most, Kim Jaejoong praised himself, “I think I’m good at kissing scenes. It was hard but I could do it without NG.” He playfully revealed, “I really feel sorry toward my co-actresses but up to now there hasn’t been any kiss scene that made my heart flutter. Jihyo noona or Kim Sungryung sunbaenim, even Wang Jihye who was my partner in drama are the same. Strangely, my fans weren’t jealous. Instead, they were jealous of the actors? (Laugh)” After a few seconds, he waved his hand and said, “It’s because I concentrated on the acting.”

In < Code Name : Jackal >, Choi Hyun played by  by Kim Jaejoong is tenaciously chased around by sasaeng fans. In reality, Kim Jaejoong also had hard time because of sasaeng fans.

“Actually, yesterday when I was coming back home from the mart, those people (T/N: sasaeng fans) were in front of my house. ‘They are still like that’, that thought came to my mind. It’s just really sad. If my daughter becomes sasaeng fan of someone, I’ll shave her head.”

“If you get caught by fans on the street, what will you do?” “I won’t answer till the end.   Even if they look at me with suspicion, I will absolutely not turn my head. At the moment, I should be a person who is not me. (Laugh)”

We asked him where we can accidentally encounter Kim Jaejoong. He chose his favorite restaurant (T/N: originally 백반집 (baekban-jib), where they serve meal with a bowl of rice, soup, and side dishes) and the large bookstore located in Kangnam.  It turns out that Kim Jaejoong is a bookworm. “Strangely, most of the eyewitness accounts are about me being at the bar, I think nobody has seen me at the bookstore. It’s because I am there quietly and unguardedly. Haha”

Source: BNT News via Nate
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This is one of kind concert from the boys that i always wanna watched >_<. OMG for 3 days in row !!!!!


This is C-Jes entertainment.

Kim Junsu is holding ’2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra’ in a new form of performance.

Title: 2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra
Date and Time: December 29, 30, 31 (7 P.M., 7 P.M., 8 P.M.)
Place: Seoul Coex Hall D
(Prices: VIP:132,000w R: 110,000w S:99,000w A:77,000w)

Ticket Sales: 8 P.M. December 4th, Interpark

Enjoy Kim Junsu’s charming voice singing musical numbers, drama OST, ballad songs with a splendid live orchestra!

We ask for your attention and support.
Thank you.

Credit: C-Jes
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[NEWS] 121122 JYJ’s Kim Junsu to Hold Exclusive Year-End Concert With Orchestra

Kim Junsu fans in Korea will be able to cap off 2012 with Kim Junsu.

C-Jes Entertainment revealed on November 22 that Kim Junsu would be holding an exclusive year-end concert titled,2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert With Orchestra.

Aided by an orchestra and choir, Kim Junsu will be singing, fully live, a medley of his hits from his musicals, drama OSTs and his recent album in the concert series.

Largely regarded as one of the best idol singers in the field, Kim Junsu is highly sought after for his powerful and emotional singing and has appeared in sold-out musicals such as Mozart! and Elisabeth while he most recently topped charts with his May solo album and his drama OSTs.

Tickets for the concerts will begin on December 4 through Interpark with the concerts taking place on December 29, 30, 31 at Coex’s D Hall.

Photo Credit: C-Jes Entertainment
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After Ep 5

New preview (Eng Sub)

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part 6


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On 21st of November, everything about Korea, Korea-Turkey relationship, K-Pop and K-Dramas were talked on a TV program of Cengiz Semercioğlu called “Böyle Bir Şey Var mı?” on Turkish TV channel TV8. Program’s guests were dear Dong Woo Cho  who is counselor of The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ankara as well as head of Korean Cultural Center in Ankara, Hilmi Kesenek who is Korea Republic Cultural Counselor and head of and JYJ Turkey admin Feyza Özdeş.

The program was broadcasted live.Many Turkish and foreigner famous people have participated in the program called “Böyle Bir Şey Var Mı?” before. (The program name can be translated as ‘’ Can there be anything like this? / Is there anything like this?) While the program is an intellectual talk show,Cengiz Semercioğlu is also a very well known name in Turkish media.He made interviews with the names like Steven Spielberg.Besides he is an article writer in one of the best seller newspapers in Turkey called “Hürriyet”.

Group “Samulnori” performed at the opening.

Popular K-Pop singers were shown via VTR on screen and also MC, Mr. Cengiz read the tweets that were sent about K-Pop and K-Dramas.

JYJ-Get Out

Xia Junsu – Tarantallegra

JYJ – MTV performace

Mr Cengiz showed In Heaven album that was gifted to him and introduced JYJ as “One of the most popular Korean artists”. He really loved the design of the album and said that Turkish artists should learn from them and showed the jacket pictures of the album.

Jaejoong’s Turkey FM was mentioned and they said that Jaejoong brought this album. Mr. Cengiz thanked for the album and he said that he would listen.

Mr. Cho talked about Korea and Turkey friendship and he said that after the Korean War, Turkey and Korea became “Blood Brothers.”

He said that 2013 was Korea Year in Turkey and there would be an EXPO called 2013 Istanbul-Gwangju EXPO in Istanbul and also there would be a K-Pop concert.

Second guest was Turkey’s popular singer Bengü. Bengü said that she liked JYJ album design and cover  and she sweetly mentioned her eyes were similar with JYJ ^^ She said that she found K-Pop very energetic.

Korea lovers made “#TV8deKoreveKpop” trending topic in Turkey while the program was on air.

Backstage photo: Cengiz Semercioğlu, Dongwoo Cho, Hilmi Kesenek, Feyza Özdeş, Özlem Gökçekaya and Samulnori.

To watch the full program: click

JYJ Turkey will soon sub the full program and share it with you! You can find the details in the video.

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OMG….it feels that  am gonna cried right now…….JYJ Turkey you guys really done very a good and even great job for promoting the boys…i hope next year you guys can watch the boys performance in LIVE concert in Turkey.


The group JYJ is drawing public attention with omnidirectional activities including not only films and dramas but also world tour concerts.

The members of JYJ – Jaejoong Kim Yuchun Park and Junsu Kim are showing off their talents as each of them is doing film, drama and world tour at the same time. Not like other groups who normally start members’ individual activities after group activities finished, all of JYJ members are standing out in each own field at the same time.

The most noticeable member is Jaejoong Kim. Currently he is meeting audience with his screen debut film ‘Code Name: Jackal’ and played a comic role which he has not done before, as a topstar who is kidnapped in the film. It seems that he became more familiar to the public after breaking from former serious characters he played in ‘Dr. Jin’ and ‘Protect the Boss’.

Yuchun Park is challenging melodramatic performance in ‘I Miss You’, MBC WED/THU primetime drama currently being aired. He has been appearing since NOV 21 after the youth parts finished and showed performance as a  police detective who has wounds of the first love in youth. ‘I Miss You is his first serious melodrama as he used to work for romantic comedies in the past. His new challenge is highly expected as he has been recognized well among actors from background of singers.

While Jaejoong Kim and Yuchun Park are leaving music career at the moment, Junsu Kim is taking over the role of a singer instead. The award winning star is due to have a solo concert in Oberhausen, Germany on Nov 30. He is the first Asian singer performing in Oberhausen

He released a solo album ‘Tarantallegra’ in May and toured successfully in Thailand, Taiwan, China, U.S.A. and Mexico. The tour in Germany is his final stage of the world tours of 8 months.

Source: Donga via Nate
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That’s why the boys totally in different league from those group. No matter how other people tried to denied it but the boys existence never can’t be erased or be covered. Thanks to God, the boys is not a someone who got so easily to gave up over the everything that came to them. Instead being break down, the boys only became strong and steadily on every thing that they done. Other people can said every bad things about them but one thing for sure the boys just gonna shut them up with every achievement that they got and a love that they shared to the needy people and the fans. God know everything and every action both bad and good one always gonna have recompensed from God.

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This man has everything that millions of women would fall in love with – fierce eyes, chic tone of voice and sweet appearance. Perhaps this is the reason why Jaejoong Kim has been the most desired target by Sasaeng[stalking people] through his entire career. Regarding this, he is a rare person even among celebrities. And he challenged the first cinema-debut on the film ‘Code Name: Jackal’ which reflects some incidents that he might have actually experienced in reality. The film is about a kidnapping story of a legendary killer and top star, but the incidents shown on the film attract our eyes as it seems to be something he might have really experienced.

Then how did he feel while he was shooting the film?

“Sasaeng? Oh you can say I know all about it. (laugh) The things I actually experienced among the incidents in the film were stalking people and heart-breaking love in the past. The reality is even worse than you could imagine, so I can even say that the stalking-girl in the film is just a cute case. So I enjoyed it! Cause I needed to make it more fun” (Jaejoong)

‘The stalking-girl in the film is just a cute case’ – I could feel how much he has been suffering from Sasaengs without hearing a word. Despite of these facts, he chose ‘Code Name: Jackal’. It was inevitable to ask what made him choose this film.

“Because it was a comedy, not a serious genre and the character was not something I’ve done before. Also the fact that Jihyo Song was cast as a heroin effected me a lot. So I read its scenario again, and decided to accept it.” (Jaejoong)

Of course there is something more desired as it this is his first screen-debut. He had physically hard time because he was working for MBC drama ‘Dr. Jin’ during the same period of the film together. “It left me much to be desired as it was my first film”, added Jaejoong. Nevertheless, he expressed that he was satisfied as the film made him find another side of himself. He chatted about his personal desire – “I think my face seemed to be too big on the screen!”

It seems that he had feeling of thrill and desired at the same time with the word ‘first’, because it gives such a lot of meaning to everyone.


He expressed that thankful things he really appreciated during this journey were his members of JYJ – Yuchun and Junsu who have always stood by him every time he had hard time. He smiled a lot while he was talking about the members with so-called ‘Daddy’s Smile’, saying their friendship became even stronger while they were passing through a lot of difficulties together. He said that he feels even more proud of the members these days when he sees Yuchun and Junsu doing so great as an actor and solo singer after much meandering.

“They are real professionals when they are in own field alone, but there is nothing changed when we are together because we’ve been together for almost 10 years. Especially, even though I’m the oldest, they seem to have grown a lot! (laugh) We are busy with individual activities these days, so it’s just so good and full of laugh when we meet together. I don’t know since when, but I tend to give them pecks when I drink. (laugh) Junsu is really adorable and Yuchun is so too. I can’t say how handsome they are.. Well some people become less looking when they grow old, but look how the two boys have grown up so well! I always feel thank for them as well as sorry for.” (Jaejoong)

He was just full of smiles as if he think about his lover. He laughed aloud, saying “What if people become to think I’m gay? Haha.” – of course in terms of that the members are so precious to him.

He have stepped into film industry with ‘Code Name: Jackal’ and have a long way to go yet, but he is not lonely – Because he is with Yuchun and Junsu who will be walking with him together.

Source: enews via Nate
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I am sure Yoochun and Junsu also so proud of you Jae-ah…….U guys already through many event together, the happy, sad and touched one……..i always felt that i am very glad and grateful to God that you guys together . i know very well how proud and love that you have for your lovely brothers. Time by time those feeling became more big right ? it goes same with me. My proud and my love for you guys became big day by day. 

BTW i really like  the last words at above : ‘ He have stepped into film industry with ‘Code Name: Jackal’ and have a long way to go yet, but he is not lonely – Because he is with Yuchun and Junsu who will be walking with him together.’

True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it is lost.
– Charles Caleb Colton

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walk out.
– Anonymous

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
– Helen Keller

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