There are many passionate stars but passionate stars that also have courage are rare. In fact, they are limited by the image they have built. In that sense, the move/decision made by singer-actor Kim Jaejoong is very noteworthy.

◇ Kim Jaejoong’s screen debut, <Code Name : jackal>.

“I was amazed by the fact that my acting was shown on the big screen. I felt burdensome and also had mixed feelings. Everybody all worried about my public image but I didn’t worry at all. Instead, I really looked forward to showing people a side of me that they have never seen before.”

According to actress Song Jihyo, there were many ad-libs in the filming process.

“It’s not that ad-libs happened because I wanted them to. Since the director didn’t make the ‘cut’ sign, I was just acting naturally. (Laugh) Unlocking the phone with my chin, telling Jackal  ‘How much I was looking for you’, etc. are my ideas. Rather than the challenge of comedy  acting, the fact that I was tied throughout the movie was actually harder for me. There were also some embarrassing scenes, like the scene in the bathroom. Haha. It was very embarrassing.”

Instead of singer or actor Kim Jaejoong, I want to see entertainer Kim Jaejoong more. Kim Jaejoong actually likes variety shows a lot. He also expressed his frustration toward the broadcasting restriction, “I have confidence that I could do very well [on variety shows but I can’t appear].” 


◇ Kim Jaejoong’s love and separation, “the sorrow of parting lasts long”

“The problem of stalker, sponsor, etc. is not the story of some certain individuals. It’s one of the the most irritating problems that occur in entertainment industry. Since I work in entertainment industry, I can empathize. The arduous time before becoming a star, the fear of losing popularity, etc.”

Choi Hyun is a romantic star who writes songs for the girl he loves. But on the other hand, he can betray her for his success. Did Kim Jaejoong have such experiences?

“Rather than betrayal, I have broken up with my girlfriend because I reserved time for my dream more than for her. I first met her when I was in 6th year of elementary school. She is my first love and we dated for 4 years and 8 months. I think I have never written a song for a woman but there are songs containing my feelings after parting. Almost all the songs I made are sad songs. For me, the sorrow of parting lasts long. At times like that, many songs come out.”

◇ Kim Jaejoong’s 10th debut anniversary

Next year is already Kim Jaejoong’s 10th debut anniversary. Together with JYJ’s members, he is walking steadily on his path. He smiled and shared his thoughts about turning 30, “I think I’ll still be the same. Maybe there will be something new when I turn 34. I can’t wait till that time.”

“When I go to the places that I visited during in my debut days or when I listen to the music of those days, I’ll think of the past. [In the past] I got a lot of love and also experienced many ups and downs. However, the conclusion is that, I am really happy now. I’m making music and I have new motivation to continue acting. Above all, I’m glad that I didn’t grow a lot older compared to 10 years ago. Haha.”

Although Kim Jaejoong is known as the networker in entertainment world, he’s actually “not the type that likes to meet people.” He feels insecure when he goes to places that have a lot of people. At my surprised expression, he said that it was ‘a symptom that every celebrity has’. Then I asked about the hobby of Kim Jaejoong, of normal life’s Kim Jaejoong, not singer or actor Kim Jaejoong.

“I like yakju (T/N: literally “medicinal alcohol”). My fans usually give my all kinds of liquor in the world as gifts, such as whiskey, cognac, sake, etc. Yesterday I wanted to stay home to write a song. I don’t know if it was because the weather was so nice or because I was stressed that I couldn’t write anything. So I had one shot of cognac and 2 shots of whiskey and then quickly fall asleep. I’m living my life with such fun. Haha. Also, I was a gaming nerd last year but I have given it up this year. Instead, I enjoy hiking and bike-riding along Han river.”


Source: Asiatoday
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