Park Yu-Cheon and Yun Eun-Hye of ‘I Miss You’ had a fateful meet, which is also a start of a triangle relationship.

In the drama ‘I Miss You’ of MBC on 22nd, there was a meet of Jeong-Woo(Park Yu-Cheon’s role) and Su-Yeon(Yun Eun-Hye’s role). The scene that two people couldn’t recognize each other after 14 years from a heartbreaking parting made the audiences nearly cried.

At the end of the episode, Jeong-Woo who was in a deep thinking about Su-Yeon at a playground in old memories visited Hae-Ri’s house and asked Su-Yeon to call his name for the last time. Su-Yeon called his name after hesitation, and Jeong-Woo was sure that she is Su-Yeon. Hae-Ri’s uneasy eyes looking Jeong-Woo and Su-Yeon announced a sad love story of the triangled relationship.

With the start of Jeong-Woo and Su-Yeon’s romance, the audience rating of the drama increased. The 6th episode of ‘I Miss You’ recorded 11.0% of audience rating, which is also its highest rating.

Credit : JYJ3

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