is the debut movie of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong (26) but the box office result is not really good. He still has a long way to go. The movie was released on big screen on the 15th and cumulative audience number is 180.000. However, he is not disappointed and brightly smiles.

It’s sad but it’s OK. You can’t expect too much at your first attempt. Even great actors can fail. I’m still thankful that I could get a foothold in film industry. Thanks to this movie, I have motivation to keep going with other movies.

Toward his ‘messy’ image in < Code Name : Jackal>, Kim jaejoong doesn’t feel  burdened or worried. As many people like the ‘decorated’ image of mine, I did worry that it might hurt their feelings. However, there are also people who like that [messy] image. That’s why I could feel relieved. It’s just that, the tension and the pressure were still there because I’m the main lead. I didn’t think about the box office while filming. Instead, I was worried about how singer-turn-actor Kim Jaejoong can harmonize naturally with other actors/actresses. I also wanted to show that I was taking on a new challenge, just like when i did < Protect The Boss> and < Dr. Jin>.

I asked him if he has thought about the reason why JYJ is so famous. He said, You know that we don’t have freedom [to do what we want to do]. We’re trying hard to do what we can within this unfair fence. I think, seeing such unfortunate situation, many more people are willing to help us. There should have had many ways for us to communicate with our fans but we’re limited. However [thanks to that] we got the concentration because we don’t have any place other than the concert venue. That’s why other people might think that we’re very famous.” (Laugh)

After breaking out of DBSK, their fight with SM Entertainment is still ongoing. Their appearance is blocked on both terrestrial and cable TV. Kim Jaejoong expressed, I feel like we’re riding a wave of twists and turns.” In the middle of an immense popularity, they had experienced the bottom and then stood up again. “I think those experiences are fruitful. I’m looking forward to the future of 10 years later.”

Aside from music activities, JYJ’s members are expanding into the acting field. Although Kim Jaejoong has set foot in the film industry, it’s regrettable that his popularity is not like other members’. Does he envy his members? And what advice do the members give to each other?

I don’t envy my members. I’m the type that is severe with myself. If you look at the bigger picture, this process is very helpful to me. Also, we respect and admire each other. So, we don’t give each other advice. We believe in our own abilities. I know that we’re not the type of person that can live comfortably without ambition. ‘Only if I have motivation, I can surely make it!’ I’m trying harder with that thought. (Laugh)

One more year slips by and he will welcome his 10th debut anniversary. Kim Jaejoong said, 10 years ago, I have thought about 10 years later. Now that 10 years passed by, I think I’m on the path that I want to go.” He burst out laughing by saying jokingly, “I’m glad that, luckily, compared to 10 years ago, Junsu, Yoochun and I haven’t become old men.

Credit: StarToday
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
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Don’t be sad jae-ah, the most important is not about the numbers of the audience but the most important are those people  feel happy and satisfied after watch your movie or not. There are many reason for people to go watch a movie in theater. Perhaps it’s for hang out with their friends, for a date, or for spare their time after working all day or for cheer theirself after have a very bad day so if those people who watch your movie feel more refresh and can’t stop to talking about your movie then it’s already enough.

Beside through this movie, you already show to them your other side of your acting. Box Office or not it’s really doesn’t matter  because it’s already great when you can manage yourself to acting in two different place,played as two different characters and can sink to each character in a short time also in the hot weather too. You are only got 30 minutes for sleep each day for 2- 3 month, it’s already unbelievable.

You guys already show it to many people that as long as you keep believe with yourself, keep looking to the future and not dwells on the glory of the past, never gave up, keep sharing the love and what you have to other people who need it, appreciate everything that God gave to you then everything gonna be possible. You guys already inspired many people for never gave up to reach their dreams. Another more important things is your famous is not because a dirty way like your previous company usually done but your famous because a good way such your hard work, talents, a grateful feeling to God also love that you share with other people. 

Beside like i said before in my previous post, those banning and unfair treatments also can be categorized as a blessing that disguise as a trouble. God is the only one who can made a perfect plan without any mistaken inside it so those matter also a plan from God to see how the boys gonna react and do. are they gonna gave up or they are gonna tried to stand up even though they knew that it’s gonna be really hard and long way to against their previous company ?. Even though their previous company tried to cover up every dirty work that they have done but God can’t be deceived because God know everything that happen before,during and after that time. It’s only matter of time for everything to be end. I believe if till now those company still tried to manipulate everything to stopping the boys and still doesn’t care about the consequence of their action then let God who handle everything.