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Q: The most memorable musical performance in 2012 is?

If we were to choose the most successful performance among the musical performances this year, it would be Elisabeth and Wicked.

2 musicals. Our team has discussed, and we have decided to opt for Elisabeth. This is because the investment of the performance depends on the solid numbers.

No matter how good is the performance, if the breakeven point is more than 90%, it would be very difficult to decide, because even if it is profitable, the profit will not be more than 10%.


We started off by choosing Elisabeth, it is because idol Kim Junsu came for an audition. Because of Kim Junsu, just by selling out the tickets, it can exceed the breakeven point by 60%. Before the performance started, the sales of the other performances without Kim Junsu was not performing well.

Even when it was only a day before the official performance, we were worried whether it is going to be a success and we felt very depressed. These worries disappeared completely after we have seen the first performance. Everything fits well from the completeness of the performance to the performance arrangement/layout.

Best tickets sales among the musical performances in first half of year 2012.

8 awards in The 6th Musical Awards. Good results in tickets sales, artistic qualities and so on.

Q: How strong is Kim Junsu’s ticketing power?


Kim Junsu’s performance fee shares up to 99.7 – 99.8%, it’s an unimaginable number. The ticketing sales numbers on the first day of the tickets are available for sale has also set a high record. Kim Junsu’s every performance can be sold off within an hour time. I’m wondering, is there any other musical which is also able to reach this level?

T/N: I’m not very sure about the breakeven point and the profit part. Please correct me if I’m wrong as I really have no idea on how these actually work. I guess this is actually an interview with the investors of the musicals. That’s why they were being asked about what made them decided to invest for Elisabeth and how did they actually make the choice.

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