Utilizing the big screen project < Code Name : Jackal >,  JYJ member Kim Jaejoong has successfully advanced into the film industry. < Code Name : Jackal> has been released  since November 15 and despite facing many stiff competition, it’s box office is still hot. Jaejoong’s portrayal of flower boy superstar Choi Hyun received great recognition and love from the moviegoers.

In the film, Kim Jaejoong had perfectly taken on the role of a narcissistic and handsome superstar. Compared to his previous roles, Kim Jaejoong is more at ease shaping/crafting the character Choi Hyun, thus adding liveliness throughout the movie. Additionally, in the film he discarded his “glorious” image, revealing his talent and potential as an actor.

As a newbie in film and television, he has already tried out various genres such as youthful romantic drama, historical drama, comedy film etc., and is continuously exploring his own performance style. Originally an idol singer, Kim Jaejoong’s handsome appearance as well as his undeniable potential as an actor has the audiences greatly anticipating his future projects.

< Code Name : jackal > tells the story of Bong Min Jeong (played by Song JiHyo), a killer whose code name is “Jackal” and the hilarity that ensues after she kidnaps superstar Choi Hyun.

Source: Korea Star Daily
Translated by: Ceci @ PrinceJJ
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