Note: Cengiz Semercioğlu is a columnist at one of the biggest Turkish newspaper Hürriyet and he has a television program at Turkish TV channel TV8. He made a special program about Korea and K-pop before and talked about JYJ. You can see it: here

Korean Culture

Korean music which has reached the top of its popularity with Gangnam Style, actually is a part of Korean culture that has been rising since 2003.

Those who don’t like PSY’s music say, “Atilla Taş and Ajdar are doing this kind of music” don’t even know this rising culture. ( Atill Taş and Ajdar do not have much lovers in Turkey because of their simplicities in the market )

This rising wave of Korean culture called “Hallyu”.

The ones who compare PSY with ours don’t even know he had his music education at Berkeley and he is one of the headmen of a Korea’s one of the biggest entertainment company.

The rising music of Korea in all over the world is called “K-Pop”.

And they are saying that K-Pop is not all about Gangnam Style.

The groups like Beast, JYJ, Infinite, U-Kiss, Girls Generation, SS501 have a lot of fans here in our country.

A lot of Turkish young people are watching Korean dramas online.

Korean movies have already been rising for almost 10 years.

Recently I made a TV program about Korean culture.

Dong Woo Cho  who is counsellor of The Embassy of the Republic of Korea was my guest.

He said, “You are also giving your seat when you see older people at metro, just like us. Maybe because of the values like family, respect for older people are similar, these two countries love each other so much.”

I decided to know about Korean culture more after this program.

And I started doing this by listening signed “In Heaven” album of JYJ.

Source: Cengiz Semercioğlu of Hürriyet
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