SUMMARIZE: The Reactions of Chief Directors and other directors at the entertainment part in the Broadcasting Company…-  about end of the ruling and the future

(Chon Jinkook-Chief Director)
I heard the news this afternoon..
I think we can tell about our position after the taking and arranging the situation..
As the main reason was ruling..
So, in my opinion, there’s no reason to block their appearances on our programs if it is clearly solved..

(Won Mansik-Chief Director)
Although the ruling was over.. I think their appearances need the time..

(and other officer said…)
We have no discussion about their appearances on our programs (including our music programs and entertainment programs) until now..
I think the whole entertainment part should think about this for now..

(Park Seungmin-SBS ingigayo PD) It’s the problem of the whole entertainment part.. We still have no discussion about this.. So I have no words about this…

Source: OSEN
Translated by: Min (@theyoungestmin)
Shared by: JYJ3 + miaw0730

hmmm…….need a time huh? sure………even though from the beginning they doesn’t have any right to block the boys from appearing on the TV since the judge already dismiss every injuction that SM give from the start…….

yeah right……it’s totally became problem for whole of entertainment part because you guys never imagine that the boys still can stand up till now and became success even though they didn’t appear at all on your entertainment program (and thanks to God for everything that the boys got till now)

appear or not appear on TV, my decision is just only one, keep support the boys like before