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– What was your impression of seeing your face on the big screen?

The feeling was ‘Ah, I am appearing on the screen.’ And I was shy when my friends told me that they came to watch the movie. (laugh) My heart flutters more than when I am on stage as a singer because the audience is coming to the theater when I will not be there. Anyway, I felt a sense of pride when my parents encouraged me, saying “You worked hard.” I think my attitude is different when I act, perhaps because I engage myself in a piece having the heart as a rookie.

– Your movie got greatly affected by Song JoongKi’s ‘Werewolf Boy’. And You are also acquainted with him.

There was a time when we have talked about movies. Joongki asked “How is the movie?” and I answered “I don’t know well, I worked hard on the film though.” How could I be stuffed only with the first bite? JoongKi told me “I have filmed 13 movies in total, including the ones where I am not the lead.” He said there are times the movie becomes a bit hit and times it doesn’t. He told me about his experiences and feelings very honestly. So, I told Joongki “I will contact you after I film 23 more movies.” Haha. It was grateful that he gave me lots of advice as a senior in the film industry and as a friend.

– You always gather a bunch of fans wherever you go. I think they may have complaints about the kiss scene with Song Jihyo in the movie.

I shot the kiss scene without any burden. Haha. The kiss scene in the movie doesn’t carry the sentiments of them loving each other. So I thought my fans would not be jealous of her, however, they said, “Don’t expect us to be so cool about your kissing scenes.” Although there are days my fans make me upset, my thankful heart about them is bigger. Because they continued to root for me though I was not full-fledged when I challenged acting after being a singer only.  And thanks to their support, I was able to continue challenging myself. I will never forget how thankful I am towards them.

– It’s already the 9th year since your debut, before one knew it.

I know. However, it always feels new since I started doing music along with acting. Shall I say ‘I got to have a world like this…’ To be honest, there were days when I was full of myself. But how can there be perfection? I realized that I should do everything persistently. Still, there are so many things I want to try. After I did a TV series, I got to do a movie, and now I want to try a musical. Someday, I want to challenge directing performances.

– I am curious about Kim Jaejoong’s love life.

I swear to God, I don’t have a girlfriend now. Haha. I don’t have other standards about ideal types and I like a woman with pretty hands and feet. Face? On the contrary, I don’t get sexually attracted to a perfectly beautiful woman. But a woman who is charming at a glance. How can I help not loving such a woman if I continuously see strong points about her? And one more standard is… a woman like my wife, who is ambitious about her own work and loves the housework too. Haha. I like this kind of attractive woman.

– Handsome solo guy’s plan for Christmas?

Probably I might be working then, because there is a performance. Also I’ll go to Junsu’s musical if I have time.

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Article: First screen lead Kim Jaejoong, “Would I be satisfied with the first bite? Song Joong Ki, wait for me”
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1. [+168, -80] I love how Jaejoong is always working to improve himself and grow no matter how slow without losing his roots. Always supporting him!!

2. [+170, -85] An end of the year concert? Always supporting Jaejoong as both a singer and an actor!!

3. [+159, -76] I could see his beliefs and personality through his honest interview. I hope he’ll always work as if he’s a rookie at heart~I hope that he’s able to accomplish everything he wants in music, movies, musicals, and concert directing. Jaejoong fighting!!!

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hmmm from his last statement, it seem that there are gonna be a performance on the christmas day. Junsu’s musical concert is slated for Dec. 29th thru the 31st Yuchun usually goes so i hope jae also can go too