What to Look Forward to During the Blue Dragon Film Awards!

The eagerly anticipated 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards once again brings Korea a prestigious domestic film show. In what ways can you fully enjoy the Blue Dragon Film Awards? We’ve covered some of the major highlights that you should be sure to watch during the show. The Blue Dragon Film Awards will be held in Seoul on November 30th at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts at 9pm, and will be covered live by SBS.

JYJ Kim Jaejoong- First Live Broadcast Outing After Ending Lawsuit with SM Entertainment

The legal dispute regarding the legitimacy of exclusive contracts between the former TVXQ members, JYJ, and the agency, SM Entertainment, was finished on November 28th. It was ruled that the contracts between SM and JYJ were invalid as of July 31st 2009 because they were for too long of a term (13 years) and the distribution of profits from activities were unfairly advantageous towards the agency. The Seoul Central District Court in the past had also asserted the invalidity of the contracts and did not award SM Entertainment the injunction which they sought to obtain. 

The two sides eventually came to an agreement and as of November 28th, the Seoul Central District Court announced that JYJ’s contracts had been officially nullified as of July 31st 2009 and both sides agreed that they would not interfere with each other’s activities in any way in the future.

The Blue Dragon Film Awards is the first live outing that JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong will attend after the lawsuit ended. During the show, Kim Jaejoong will be seen on stage as a presenter. We will be sure to pay attention to Kim Jaejoong as he is now able to leave behind his worried heart and stand before the public on stage.

[Parts not pertaining to Jaejoong were omitted]

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