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Hello dear JYJ3 readers ^^

I finally got the chance to see a JYJ’s member on stage. I still can’t believe it but I saw Junsu. Our angel Junsu. Our Xia. The perfect man with the perfect voice live on stage. Too good to be true.. I missed 2 chances to see the members before; 1) JYJ’s last Germany concert and 2) Jaejoong’s visit to Ankara, Turkey. So till the very last day I thought that I should not hype much about it. Because if you do, and something happens it hurts a lot not to go. But this time I made it!

It was so~~~~~~~~ awesome. It’s was like magic ^^ Germany was cold. But no one really cared. When we were at the venue, we could hear Junsu’s voice from outside and that was enough for us to be warm again *.* I asked to my friend “So… There is only this door between us and he is inside this building doing sound check?” I still couldn’t believe it. To be honest I didn’t believe it till I saw him on stage dancing and singing, doing the thing he loves to do.

I met a lot of friends outside the venue. We had a lot of fun. We had a big Turkish flag with us, so it was impossible not to notice us. We also had a couple fan boards prepared, and one of them was written in Korean. A lot of people wanted to take pictures with us because of this board ^^

We noticed that there were a lot of Turks at the concert so we took a picture with all together ^^  I wished to give you a well detailed fan account about Junsu’s reactions and such, but I already wrote pages in Turkish and I don’t have the power anymore to write it in English. But I will tell you the parts I loved the most.

First of all. It was so nice to see that Junsu didn’t care about the fact that he is on a little stage and performing on a more little place than he usually does. It was nice to feel that he cared about us, his fans. And his interactions with us was soooo adorable and funny. We sang along with his Korean songs, so he said that he was happy. Seeing us singing his songs in Korean, made him “understand that his solo album was a success” he said. (Come on Junsu how can you be unsuccessful anyway ^^)

The song Set me free was my favorite! It felt like after that song everyone got more closer together. He loved the fact that we were singing some parts with him. He even turned the microphone to us. And us seeing him doing that yelled the song out XD

We got 3 chances to ask him questions. And I want to thank the people who used this chance as it should be. We all enjoyed it. And a lot. 1st chance, a fan asked him to sing a song from his second musical Tears of heaven. The moment I heard her asking for it I simply wanted to kiss the fan xD It was awesome to hear him accapella. You may know; for us, the international fandom the musicals of Junsu is something we want to see live but we simply don’t have the chance for it. Junsu then later sang 3 musical songs for us, so it made 4 musical songs with this request. My fan heart was so overloaded with happiness that I don’t have other words to describe it.  I’m not a person who cries easily, but my tears dropped in to my heart. I love you Junsu! And thanks again to the person who asked the question.

Second question came from a fanboy. He wanted to greet him on stage. So they where awkward at the beginning, like both of them didn’t know what to do. But then the fan asked to dance with him. And our sweety Junsu did! The fanboy did a great job (I heard he is in a dance group?) So Junsu hugged the boy and thanked him XD Well I thank him too because we all enjoyed it a lot^^ The 3rd question was to sing I can soar. But he thought about it and didn’t want to do it. So yeah.. everyone started to scream Angel! Angel! Angel! And he laughed hearing it. Oooppss Junsu! You asked for it XD Well I guess you already saw it on the fancams. He tried 3 times XD He was sooooo cute.. And it was so fast, like after trying for 2 minutes he did it in 2 seconds XD but those 2 seconds where the best 2 seconds for me xD Finally we saw it in reality lol

Everyone was waiting for Uncommitted. We had prepared our blue light sticks for this song. Why blue? No special meaning. As part of the European fandom we just thought it would be cute, because Junsu’s hair was blue too at his MV. So Junsu went off the stage and they started to play the MV on screen. We broke the light stick and with the lights of the stage it fitted beautifully. We sang the song together with the MV. Like we screamed the words out loud XD. After the MV ended Junsu returned to the stage with a big smile on his face. Seeing him smile like that was the best thing ever! Like the best! I guess he watched us singing? He started to sing Uncommitted live! And we sang along with him all over again. I guess he was happy because we knew his English song well. And knowing how much he worked on the song I’m glad he heard us singing it twice!

BTW. I have to say the dancers where awesome too. There was a dancer with caramel hair color. I loved her *.* She is so~~ beautiful hehe When the concert ended we (with other fans) waited outside and thanked the dancers for their performances and everything. They thanked us back. We couldn’t wait for Junsu to come out, we had to go. But a friend tweeted us: “I saw your gifts being placed at Junsu’s car” so I was happy ^^ As his Turkish fans we had prepared him some gifts, not big things but we wanted to let him know that Turks love him much!

Our gifts to Junsu-shi (all the things are related to Turkey ><)
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Well this was mine account. Thank you for reading it. And I wish that all of you, one by one will get a chance to see him live on stage. We all deserve it ^^

Thank you again Junsu ^^ We love you!

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