JYJ’s Yoo Chun recently held a fan meeting for his Japanese fans.

On December 2, Yoo Chun held a fan meeting for his Japanese fans. He talked about things happened during the shooting of MBC TV’s drama series Missing You and sang a part of “Magic Castle” at the meeting.

He also held some events for his fans, taking pictures with them.

A spokesperson for Yoo Chun says, “Lots of fans are supporting Yoo Chun and his drama series. He showed some of the scenes from the series at the meeting, but they seem to know them already. It seems like they’ve been watching the series. Some of his fans even came to the set, collected some money, and gave the crew some snacks and things to drink as gifts.”

Only 1,200 people could attend the meeting, but people who applied for the meeting were nearly three times more than the number allowed.

Yoo Chun says, “I appreciate the fans for coming here to see me despite the cold weather. I had a great time with them, holding some special events for them. I was also surprised by the fact that they’re already watching my drama series. I’ll do my utmost for the rest of the series. Please give me your interest and support.”

Source: Xportsnews
Credit: en.Korea
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