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The year 2012 had been a year of high activity from the male actors for SBS dramas.

Behind popular dramas such as “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, “Rooftop Prince”, “The Chaser”, and “Ghost”, etc, are top male actors who possesses both acting skills and high popularity.

These people with their presence as the male lead and acclaimed acting skills play the role of bringing the drama’s completion to a greater level. Their high activity has successfully enabled (the drama’s) wide popularity, and thus there are greater expectations towards their future acting endeavours.

Just in year 2012 alone, we had the small-screen comeback of Korean Representative Flowerboy, Jang Donggun; displaying good appearance not as a member of idol group JYJ, but as an actor, Park Yoochun; receiving high praises from the audiences for his acting skills of great depth, Sun Hyunjoo; displaying his confirmed presence through charismatic acting, So Jisub, etc, and in SBS dramas, there is high activity from a variety of male actors.


Park Yoochun – Breaking the bias against idols, blooming into a flower as an actor

Park Yoochun had been active with drama “Rooftop Prince” by being a meritorious contributor towards its success in popularity; displaying greater sense of presence not as a singer, but as an actor.

Park Yoochun had previously went from sageuk to modern drama freely through “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “Miss Ripley”, and continued his activities as an actor, winning praises not as a singer but as an actor. Through fusion sageuk “Rooftop Prince”, he exhibited a different image, and as an actor, he furthered his preparations for opportunities to progress by being one step forward.

Especially his sweet portrayal of a deep love story with partner Han Jimin, at the same time sculpting the comic image of a Crown Prince from Joseon arriving in modern Seoul, which presented both humour and heartfelt emotions.

Currently, not just as a singer, Park Yoochun has also won himself a place as an actor, and we expect greater future activities.

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am i surprised ? nope….hehehehe…..not at all…..congratulations Junsu-ah…..and for the fans who can attend it have fun and to be honest i feel little envy to you since u can see Junsu sing with orchestra which already became one of my dream since time ago…… >_<

The tickets to JYJ Junsu‘s ‘2012 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra‘ have sold out.

As soon as the tickets went on sale at 8PM KST on the 4th, 200,000 fans attempted to buy tickets online simultaneously and all 21,000 seats sold out immediately. C-Jes Entertainment said, “The concert is a fresh new concept concert that an idol is attempting for the first time, so there was a lot of interest before the tickets went on sale. The demand for the tickets was just as intense.

Many fans would joke online before the tickets went on sale, saying, “The tickets sale has been moved to tomorrow“, “The ticket sale website was changed“, “I prayed for 3 days“, and “I’m going to properly obey my parents if I can get tickets“. As soon as the tickets went on sale, the server crashed, and fans complained, “What did I see – I clicked as soon as it became 8:00 PM, but I only saw a white page..“, and “I’ve been waiting at a PC-room since 6, but who took all my tickets?!“.

The website representative said, “As soon as the page was opened, we had 200,000 people logging on at once, so we experienced some request and timeout issues. It’s the highest record we have had on Interpark. If you take into the account that the servers suffered downtime, and there were delays in the payment process, you can basically say that the tickets sold out immediately as soon as they went on sale. Junsu is the only person as a soloist who sold out all the tickets at once.

Credit: Allkpop

[NEWS] 121204 Kim Junsu’s concert sold out instantaneously, 200k+ fans connect at once

Kim Junsu‘s popularity was proven once again. The tickets for Kim Junsu’s concert went on sale and as soon as they become available, there were over 200,000 fans trying to connect to the website to purchase the tickets.

Kim Junsu’s management company CJ Entertainment relayed, “The sale of the tikets for Kim Junsu’s year-end concert was conducted through Interpark at 8pm on today (December 4th) and 21,000 seats for the 3 days were sold out.

From the morning of December 4th, there were many rumors online spread by some of the netizens commenting, “The ticketing date was change to tomorrow” or “They are using a different service for ticketing”, hoping that some might fall for it. There were some fans also commenting, “I have been praying for 3 days for the tickets” or “I will be going to the internet cafe praying all the while so please let me get the tickets”, bringing even their religion into it. Some netizens even promised, “If I can get the tickets, I will study hard and really listen to my parents.”

Right after the tickets went on sale, the server went down immediately and for each search engine popped up search suggestions ‘Kim Junsu concert’, ‘Kim Junsu Interpark’ popped up. Many fans expressed disappointment commenting, “I’ve been waiting at the internet cafe since 6pm. Who took all my tickets?” and “I clicked at exactly 8 but there is nothing but a white box popping up…”

An insider revealed, “As soon as the sales started there were over 200,000 people rushing to the site and slowing it down. This is the top record yet for Interpark and considering that the sales resumed after the site recovered on its own, it should be considered that it was instantaneously sold out. Aside from the idol groups, Kim Junsu is the only solo artist to have sold out the concert.”

This is not the first time Kim Junsu as sold out his concerts. The first solo concert for Kim Junsu for the 2nd, some 17,000+ seats were sold out in just 5 minutes. For the musical ‘Mozart’, 45,000 seats were sold out in 5 minutes and the 15,000 seats for ‘Tears of Heaven’ in 2 minutes, and ‘Elizabeth’ was sold out in 10 minutes. Kim Junsu’s record is truly legendary in the industry.

Kim Junsu’s year-end concert ’2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra’ will take place live for 3 days on December 29th, 30th, and 31st at the COEX D Hall.

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(Note: 1111 as in when you make a wish at 11:11~ and the time JJ tweeted this, 11:11pm KST and he took this photo when he was filming the MV for Baek Seung Heon)




[TRANS] In HK jj-v



[TRANS] @1215thexiahtic I get confused sometimes whether you’re a singer or a football player



[TRANS] @bornfreeonekiss keke >_<

Jae-ah……. Junsu is both of a singer and a football player hehehehehehe

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JYJ‘s Junsu expressed his love of soccer.

On the 3rd, Junsu tweeted: “It’s been one day since I’ve been in Germany. I played soccer today too. Even though it’s snowing, the snow hits my face, and my body freezes, what can I do when I like it. What’s snow again? Even if there was rain and wind or a storm hit, I’d still play soccer.” The JYJ member recently wrapped up his world tour in Germany, and it seems he put time aside to play his favorite sport.

Fans commented, “It looks like it was really cold. I’m impressed”, “No matter how much you like soccer, be careful!”, “Your singing and soccer skills are the best!”, and more.

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The December 5 episode of MBC′s I Miss You will be airing 10 minutes earlier due to the Korean Presidential candidate debate schedules.

The slight change in time has been drawing attention as to whether it will affect the viewership ratings for the drama, which have been close on the heels of Woochi′s by two to three percent.

A rep for I Miss You told enews, “The ninth episode of I Miss You has a tightknit story, and the speed will also be quick so we′re expecting a rise in ratings. We can′t predict how the change in time and the Presidential debates that will take place before and after will affect the drama, though.”

The rep added, “We believe this day the ratings will be affected more by outside factors than inside factors. The producers of I Miss You will try not to be affected by small changes in viewership ratings, and continue to work hard to perfect the quality of the drama.”

The ninth episode of I Miss You is expected to present the investigation behind the death of Soo Yeon′s (Yun Eun Hye) kidnapper 14 years ago at a speedy pace.

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JYJ member Junsu revealed a picture he took on an airplane.

Junsu wrote on his Twitter on Sunday, “I’m going to Korea~ herongherong,” and uploaded a picture.

In the picture that seems to be taken inside an airplane, he’s seen wearing sunglasses and has blonde hair. His sharp jaw line gained attention.

Fans and internet users commented, “I want to see him,” “He looks like he lost weight,” “He’s so good looking~,” and “Welcome to Korea.”

Junsu finished his last performance on the 30th, in Oberhausen, Germany. This world tour, “2012 XIA World Tour,” lasted 6 month, and he is returning back to Korea.

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The relationship between Jung Woo (played by JYJ’s Yoo Chun) and Myung Hee (played by Song Ok Sook) on MBC TV’s drama series Missing You is currently attracting a lot of attention.

Myung Hee, who lost her daughter Soo Yeon (played by Yoon Eun Hye) fourteen years ago, now lives with Jung Woo, whom she hated once, and Eun Joo (played by Jang Mi In Ae), a daughter of detective Kim (played by Jeon Gwang Ryul).

Jung Woo sometimes calls Myung Hee my lover and even acts cute in front of her.

Viewers are commenting that Jung Woo acts like Myung Hee’s son-in-law.

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Once again Junsu makes another new record to be the first idol who held Live Orchestra Concert in Korea. Congratulations junsu-ah and i am sure there are gonna be more new record both as a group of JYj or as an individual activities from the boys ^^

From beginning to end, Kim Junsu is promising nothing but live singing for his upcoming year-end concert.

On December 4, C-Jes Entertainment revealed the official cue sheet for Kim Junsu’s upcoming orchestral concert.

The ballad, musical and OST-themed year-end concert will feature a live orchestra to enhance Kim Junsu’s renown singing prowess.

C-Jes Entertainment revealed, “Among idols, there’s been no one that has done an all-live exclusive ballad concert. With Kim Junsu’s singing skills he will move the audience with not only his singing in the ballad [genre] but musicals and OST and provide a beautiful touch for this winter.”

The partially-revealed cue sheet gave a small glimpse of some of the tracks Kim Junsu would be performing for his upcoming concert including I am I am MusicCan You Hear Me? and more.

Kim Junsu added, “I’ve long dreamed of combining an orchestra with ballad and stories in this kind of format since my debut. While my summer album, Tarantallegra showcased my powerful performances, I want this year-end concert to be spent with the music and people I love as we share stories and hold a warm night of performances. I ask for your continued interest.”

Ticket sales for the concert will open via Interpark at 8 p.m. (KST) on December 4

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