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First of all I just wanted to write that it all feels like a dream and whenever I close my eyes I can see Xia in front of me performing once again. Another thing is that I want to warn you guys that this fanaccount is long and you can skip to the parts and days since I made some headlines ^ ^ Enjoy!


We decided to go to the venue before the hotel when we arrived to Oberhausen. We walked from the station and saw the concert place in distance, I seriously felt the butterflies in my stomach that moment.

It was real and I would be hearing his angelic voice soon I though. We walked and walked but when we came close to the Turbinenhalle we couldn’t find the entrance so we stood like that for minutes confused. In the end we decided to go over to the parking lot and then we faced some fans over at the stairs. We walked over to them and started chatting. They had just arrived too but there were a group of few, which had been staying over the previous night. The girls tried to convince us about staying since they thought that if we didn’t sleep over we would lose our spot. My friend and I were just sure that we wouldn’t be staying the night over. In the end we decided to give them 2 heat bags to keep them warm. Afterwards we went to our hotel and decided to eat dinner and go early to bed but just before that we made our arrangement for the concert…


We woke up 4:30 AM in the morning hoping to get a good spot. We were afraid since we had been over to the concert venue the day before to check it out and other fans had told us to stay over to guard a good spot. We were simply tired and needed to sleep in a warm bed so we had declined their offer and decided to wake up early and move 5 AM. We went to the concert venue around 5 AM and some girls were following us. We totally panicked and started running since we thought they were going to the venue as well. We were right but they were having premium seats so it actually shouldn’t have hurried.

We found some old posters to mark our territory and started waiting some fans had been sleeping outside for 2 days and we felt like lucky to have gallery tickets since there weren’t as many people waiting as in the premium front row. Hours were passing slowly and it was cold so we opened our heat bags to warm our hands. 9 AM we decided to go and grab breakfast from McDonalds nearby not to mention they have earn a lot of money for the past days because of fans… Anyways I brought a croissant and hot chocolate and headed back to our treasure spot we were guarding with our lives.

(Our spot and the premium front row line up)

(We were this close to the entrance ^^)

Around 10 AM the fire alarm started and first we didn’t think it was a fire alarm but then 3 to 4 fire trucks drove in to the parking lot and we panicked a little but the drove back soon after. 10:50 AM we heard the sound system were being checked and seconds later Junsu’s voice echoed inside the hall making us all scream outside. He was doing sound check and was singing no gain. I felt like my heart was beating in my throat and I went over to my friend and told her that he was inside. The worst thing about waiting outside was the cold. Even the heat bags were getting cold so we had to find a solution so we decided to use our scarves to protect the heat bags heat. The sun shined a little but then the cold took over soon after. I have to admit that people who have been sleeping for 2 night I really have respect for them. I wouldn’t hold that much I was about to give up several times actually since I’ve never made my body go through such a cold for hours. 2 PM we couldn’t stand the cold anymore so we asked some other fans to keep an eye on our stop en we moved into McDonalds for 30 minutes to heat up our bodies. We ate some snack since we couldn’t really eat anything close to food because of the nerves. After a little break we returned to our spot and I saw that all the fans around us were holding a pink ‘Xia heart’ and I started searching for the girl, which was giving them away but without any luck. While we were trying to get warm some people were doing some dance cover. Actually one of them got lucky later on during the concert. They were quite good and the spirit was just getting stronger for every minute that passed away.

Around 15:30 I decided to look for my Turkish friends, which would be arriving from Holland anytime soon. I went over to the stairs and spotted the red Turkish flag. I hurried over to them since it was my first time meeting them and all of them were really sweet and welcoming.

They immediately made me feel like a part of them. We decided to tour around with out banner and we found out that a lot of Turks were attending the concert. We took a lot of pictures and asked them to come and have a picture with all of us. All the Turks got together later on and snapped few pictures together which was really cool. I got a banner from my friends to show to Junsu from the balcony and went back to my place since the doors would soon be opened.

We decided to pack our things in our bags and moved closer to the row. We had a long conversation with 2 Portuguese girls about different languages and they were really cool and had the awesome tickets from Neo Tokyo

while ours were boring Kontickets. We chatted a little before the doors opened and so suddenly we heard a sound… The doors were finally being opened!

Concert @(^___^)@

18:35 the doors to Turbinenhalle opened and a little chaos appears since everyone wanted the best spots possible. I passed the ticket check and walked directly into the concert hall. I was holding the banner I got from my friends from JYJ Turkey and I wanted find a good spot to show Junsu the beautiful banner they made. I had a gallery ticket so I’ll be on the first floor. I decided to place myself strategically so I both could hold the banner and watch the concert. When I was about to open the banner my Turkish friends requested me to hold the flag instead so I grabbed the flag and let it appear from the balcony…  Some people took a picture of the flag and some of them were Koreans I think. The hall was getting filled with people and suddenly Junsu’s Tarantallegra music video appeared on the big screen. A loud scream echoed inside the hall and the lightstickes got turned on even though some people still was trying to find seat or standing places. We started singing along and waited patiently until I heard a crack sound and my lightstick was in two pieces T____T but I could still use it so I wasn’t that sad (I still hope I can fix it with glue since it’s so pretty)

20 minutes before the actual starting time the Tarantallegra music video started once more and this time a louder scream came alive and the red ocean was created.

I was looking around to point out a Junsu somewhere behind the opening doors but then I saw a man over at the reserved balcony seats. The man looked like Junsu’s father but to be honest I wasn’t sure since the lighting inside the hall wasn’t the best. Soon after everything went dark and we started screaming. We turned our lightsticks on and the big screen started to play a video. Indicating the beginning of the concert and we were finally being dragged into Xia’s world. It went dark once again and dancers moved inside. We suddenly saw a shadow appear in the back and knew immediately it was Junsu. The starting song was Breath and I was pretty amazed by the way he danced. I spotted that he looked over to us several times during the song and noticed the flag I was simply happy. Breath was followed by No gainLullabyIntoxication andSet Me Free. I have to admit that I was screaming out my lungs during the intoxication performance. After the No gainperformance he said ”Junsu time” and greeted the fans and welcomed them in German at first, which was really cute ^ ^

I can’t really remember the track list but I think he sang Set Me Free before the break. A video appeared on the big screen showing how hard he had been training the choreography and how he had been shooting the music video for Tarantallegra. I must admit I started tearing up when I watched that video I felt so proud of him. I had been with them since 2008 when I just started my long journey with them. Seeing him become such a great performer and how he worked for it made me cry. I felt the passion through his eyes and I looked up to him that second. He gave me courage to believe and do the things I want the most.

(You’re so Beautiful Performance)

After the video ended he came inside with a new set of clothes and started performing You’re so Beautiful. He continued performing songs from his album before another ‘Junsu time’ started. He announced that he would pick out 3 from the premium front row seats and make their wishes come true (I think so – sorry my German isn’t the best). First he picked out a fanboy, which asked if they could dance Tarantallegra together. Junsu asked 같이 trying to understand his request right. He said okay and the fanboy walked up to the stage and greeted him. They started performing the dance and Junsu observed him while dancing it was really cute. After the short dance performance he hugged the fanboy and asked where he did learn the moves. The fanboy told that he had learned it from the Internet and Junsu said cool. They moved to other requests and a girl Junsu picked asked him to perform a little bit of a song (sorry I can’t remember the name) and another girl he picked asked him to make a cute angel face. That was my cracking point I was so happy right that moment.

After the 2nd Junsu time he started singing songs like 알면서도 (Though I Already Know) and돌고 돌아도 (Around and Around). He went out to change his outfit once again and another video was playing on the big screen summarizing all his tour and then he came back on stage with musical songs like Last Dance from the musical Elisabeth and I am Music from the musical Mozart. He sang 2 more musical songs and I just can remember the names. His voice was just like magic and I got goosebumps whenever he hit the high notes with his perfect voice. After those songs dancers from his crew took over and started to dance and made the audience join them with JYJ’s Be my girl dance. It was quite funny and the dancers were really good actually ^ ^

The last part of the show was breath taking since all the best was of course hidden to the end. We saw a video flash on the screen Junsu whispering Tarantallegra and the song started. It was the moment I let out my loudest scream of that night. It was PERFECT! I couldn’t take my eyes away from the scene and I kept screaming until the song ended. He sat down on the chair like in the music video and Fever started. Fans were singing along and the atmosphere was so nice. The red ocean had been so strong since the beginning of the concert. When that song ended I activated the blue lightstick almost feeling it was time for Uncommitted. Then the music video started on the big screen and the blue ocean was created immediately after seconds.

The last part of the show was breath taking since all the best was of course hidden to the end. We saw a video flash on the screen Junsu whispering Tarantallegra and the song started. It was the moment I let out my loudest scream of that night. It was PERFECT! I couldn’t take my eyes away from the scene and I kept screaming until the song ended. He sat down on the chair like in the music video and Fever started. Fans were singing along and the atmosphere was so nice. The red ocean had been so strong since the beginning of the concert. When that song ended I activated the blue lightstick almost feeling it was time for Uncommitted. Then the music video started on the big screen and the blue ocean was created immediately after seconds.

When the video ended Junsu stepped inside and the song started from the beginning making us all scream of happiness. Another Junsu time arrived after the Uncommitted performance and he started to tell about what he has been doing yesterday and if we enjoyed the show. He also said that he was amazed by how we all could sing along to his Korean songs. He started singing사랑이싫다구요 (I Don’t Like Love) afterwards, which was followed by이슬을 머금은나무 (A Tree Covered in Dew). In the end of the song there were white confetti all over the concert hall indicating the end of the concert.

When the song ended he bowed 90 degrees in front of fans for seconds and then he walked back and bowed with his dancers once again. He waved to fans and said thank you. He went backstage but the hall didn’t stop and started yelling 사랑해 to him and then Fallen Leaves started playing in the background and then he stepped inside once again. Fans sang along with him until the end and when he had finished the song he bowed once again for long time and then waved. Then he said, “see you again” and the audience started screaming. The audience kept clapping even though he had left for the backstage and we knew he wouldn’t come again. The light went on and we started packing our things. A 2 hour long journey in Xia’s world has just ended and to be honest I would have loved to stand another 2 hours even though my feet were already aching with pain. We walked outside and my friend brought a poster while I wanted a hoodie but it was already sold out so I decided not to buy anything since I already had made a t-shirt for the concert. We found our Turkish friends and gave them the flag. We heard that Junsu still haven’t left the concert place so some fans were gathering around the area he possibly could get out but my friend and I decided to go to our hotel room and give Junsu some peace.

I was so happy after the concert that I didn’t care about how much my body had suffered. I could suffer another 13 hours of cold if I knew he would sing for us again. It was worth it all and I am proud of him. My respect for him grew even higher than before. Junsu is a man dedicated to his passion, music and I can’t stop admiring him. Anyways we slept few hours and returned back home Saturday morning still hallucinating about the great experience Junsu had let us experience. 준수씨 구마워요!


I want to thank all the fans that came and supported our Junsu. I want to say thank you and I bow with respect in front of all of you who had been standing outside the cold for his sake. I want to thank the people which made the blue ocean project a reality and to all of those who shared the joy of being fan. YOU GUYS ARE AWSOME!

 Finally to my Turkish friends and JYJ Turkey family I just want to say that I felt honored to be able to be the holder of our nations flag and show it to our dear Junsu. The banners you’ve made was just one of a kind and I have to admit that I would have loved to hold them as well if I had few more hands. You girls have given me new inspiration and spirit I would love to be of help if anything is needed. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Last but not least I want to thank JYJ for making it possible for fans to meet like this and get new friendships out our love to them. I also want to thank them for being who they are and I just wish I could tell them how special each one of them are inside of my heart. Please keep singing with you angelic voice Junsu. Please keep writing amazing songs and sing with your tender voice Jaejoong. Please never stop rapping with the amazing texture of your voice Yoochun. I LOVE YOU GUYS! YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION

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