Once again Junsu makes another new record to be the first idol who held Live Orchestra Concert in Korea. Congratulations junsu-ah and i am sure there are gonna be more new record both as a group of JYj or as an individual activities from the boys ^^

From beginning to end, Kim Junsu is promising nothing but live singing for his upcoming year-end concert.

On December 4, C-Jes Entertainment revealed the official cue sheet for Kim Junsu’s upcoming orchestral concert.

The ballad, musical and OST-themed year-end concert will feature a live orchestra to enhance Kim Junsu’s renown singing prowess.

C-Jes Entertainment revealed, “Among idols, there’s been no one that has done an all-live exclusive ballad concert. With Kim Junsu’s singing skills he will move the audience with not only his singing in the ballad [genre] but musicals and OST and provide a beautiful touch for this winter.”


The partially-revealed cue sheet gave a small glimpse of some of the tracks Kim Junsu would be performing for his upcoming concert including I am I am MusicCan You Hear Me? and more.


Kim Junsu added, “I’ve long dreamed of combining an orchestra with ballad and stories in this kind of format since my debut. While my summer album, Tarantallegra showcased my powerful performances, I want this year-end concert to be spent with the music and people I love as we share stories and hold a warm night of performances. I ask for your continued interest.”

Ticket sales for the concert will open via Interpark at 8 p.m. (KST) on December 4

Photo Credit: C-Jes Entertainment
Credit: enewsWorld
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