There was a write-up posted on the [I Miss You] official homepage viewers’ forum on 28th Nov called [The rise of an absolute epidemic virus HUV “Han Yu Virus”] , attracting much attention from netizens.

The article gave an introduction of this illness called Han U Virus (short for Han Jung Woo + Park Yu Chun), and also indicated that the death rate once you get this is 100% (anyone who gets infected by this virus will be consumed by it rapidly).
On the cure for this, the write-up mentioned: treatment for this illness now, including preventive medicine and vaccine, does not exist. This article also wrote about the symptoms in detail.

The netizen who wrote this divided the activities of Park Yu Chun who plays Han Jung Woo into largely 12 types, and put them against the symtoms of this virus accordingly. He/She explaiined:
“Number of patients infected by this virus reached hundreds of thousands, and is still increasing rapidly. This is a new kind of virus with no cure, and females are especially vulnerable to it”, inviting smiles from readers.

Other netizens gave comments like “Woah~! This is so true! I have exactly the same symptoms!”, and “I thought this is a real virus……”, or “deathly virus! It really seems to be spreading globally!”, and “even if you are careful, there are some virus that you will get infected with afterall!” etc.,
showing how much they are interested in the article.

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Source: zaikei.co.jp
Translated by: @Jen_BabyLove
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