so….this is the scene that Yoochun talking about during his Fan meeting which became his favorite scene from ‘I miss you’

It’s no surprise that MBC’s I Miss You is a painful tearjerker, but now JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun is adding more tears to the drama with his emotional acting.

In a preview for episode 9 of I Miss You, Han Jung Woo (Park Yoo Chun) was visited by Soo Yeon (Yun Eun Hye)’s mother (Song Ock Sook), who prepared a lunch. As Han Jung Woo bit into the food that was carefully prepared by the only mother figure in his life, Han Jung Woo began to weep uncontrollably, unable to hold in his tears.

“On the day of this scene, the entire staff on set shed tears watching Park Yoo Chun’s acting. Even the male staff cried and applauded Park Yoo Chun for his emotional acting,” stated a staff member on the set at the time.

“It was probably very difficult to portray the complicated and vague feeling of longing, but he expressed in such an impressive manner that all the viewers will be sucked into Han Jung Woo’s character.”

Park Yoo Chun has been receiving much praise for his acting performance on I Miss You, as he portrays a character who is driven by guilt and love to find his first love from childhood, who was tragically separated due to a series of unfortunate events.

Episode 9 will air on December 5.

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[NEWS] 121205 ‘I Miss You’ Park Yu-Cheon’s acting made the staffs cry

The staffs of ‘I Miss You’ cried because of Park Yu-Cheon’s acting.

In a trailer of the 9th episode of ‘I Miss You’ of MBC, Park Yu-Cheon’s crying acting was shown.

Park Yu-Cheon(character Han Jeong-Woo) cried that he had held while eating a lunch box with Song Ok-Suk(character Su-Yeon’s mother) in a place like a interrogation room in the trailer.

According to a staff of the shooting locus of ‘I Miss You’, it was said that all the staffs of the drama cried because of Park Yu-Cheon’s acting, and even male staffs cried. The staff also said that, “Since Park Yu-Cheon expressed complicated emotional acting well that also can be a vague longing, I think the audiences of the drama can focus on the drama and Han Jeong-Woo better.”

Park Yu-Cheon is appearing in the drama with Song Ok-Suk as ‘Chicken Couple’ and the audiences love the couple a lot. ‘Chicken Couple’ is a nickname for them that the audiences named after they watched Park Yu-Cheon and Song Ok-Suk caring each other more than a relationship of a real mother and son.

Since they smile at each other while covering their scars, the acting of Park Yu-Cheon in the trailer will make the hearts of the audiences sadder.

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[NEWS] 121205 JYJ’s Yoo Chun cries on Missing You

JYJ’s Yoo Chun will impress viewers with his crying scene.

In the episode of MBC TV’s drama series Missing You that will air on December 5, a touching scene comes out.

In the preview of the episode, Jung Woo (played by Yoo Chun) cries while he has lunch with Myung Hee (played by Song Ok Sook), the mother of Soo Yeon (played by Yoon Eun Hye), in an interrogation room.

They have gotten close to each other because of Soo Yeon. They’re not a real mother and son, but they’re as close as any other real mothers and sons.

One of the production crew of the series says, “The crew also cried when Yoo Chun shot the crying scene. Even male crew cried and praised him for his great acting. I think viewers can sympathize with the character Jung Woo because Yoo Chun perfectly describes Jung Woo’s complicated feelings in the series.”

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