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JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s popularity in Japan is still hot.

[Jaejoong IN ‘Protect the Boss’ Special Making DVD] was ranked third place in the Oricon weekly DVD chart during the week Nov 26-Dec 2. Together with AKB48 and KAT-TUN DVDs, Kim Jaejoong DVD are among the most popular.

Pre-orders for the DVD started last July and was immediately ranked no 1 in various online sites such as HMV Japan, Amazon, and Rakuten.

[Jaejoong IN ‘Protect the Boss’ Special Making DVD] has garnered attention even before it was put on sale because it includes behind the scenes shooting, script reading, press conference, and specially a video of Kim Jaejoong doing the narration from SBS drama’s “Protect The boss” which was aired last September 2011.

His management said, “It’s been 3 years since Kim Jaejoong’s last activity in Japan and the result is very surprising because the DVD is not a song or a concert but a making of his drama. Kim Jaejoong’s high popularity could be the contributing factor why Protect the Boss has been rebroadcast from several channels across Japan.”

Kim Jaejoong, whose song “I’ll Protect You” from the Protect the Boss OST, is still popular in domestic music charts like Hanteo even though it was released a year ago.

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K Netizens’ Reactions:

Article: JYJ Jaejoong ranks 3rd on Japan’s Oricon chart ‘popularity doesn’t fade’
: Segye Ilbo via Nate

1. [+280, -45] Surprising that a making-of DVD, not even the drama DVD, got this ranking~!

2. [+260, -40] He’s always consistently loved, quite amazing that a making-of DVD achieved this ranking

3. [+169, -21] He didn’t even promote it… or more like couldn’t promote it! How many years has it been!

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