Park Yoochun’s dedication towards acting is impressive.

A representative expressed, “To match Park Yoochun’s role as a detective, his previous gentle image had to be discarded and to do that, the hairstyle was first changed. Compared to the feeling of a pretty boy, we attempted to show a strong image.”

He explained, “Even though there are stylish detectives, but adhering to the writer’s intentions, Han Jungwoo is a character that requires a beastly, masculine image. Instead of paying attention to the looks, compatible clothings and habits are required in order to suit into the acting.”

Especially due to Han Jungwoo’s chase for his first love for 14 years, there are many infectious emotional and crying scenes. The representative said, “For normal close-up, when the camera goes in really closely to capture the shoot, makeup touch ups would be needed. But for Park Yoochun, when he films crying scenes, for fear of breaking the emotions, he refuses touch ups. He pays no regard to how it is near barefaced, and immerses himself”.

(T/N: Ommitted drama’s synopsis)

Source: Newsen via Nate
Summarised & Translated by: @maettugi
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