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JYJ‘s agency C-JeS Entertainment has announced that it will continue to actively file suits against netizens who make malicious comments and spread false rumors, including netizens who may be minors.

The agency stated on December 6th, “We have reported about 20 some cases to the cyber police this year, and we’ll continuously notify the police of more cases of people who leave malicious comments concerning JYJ. Though we expected the situation to improve, it has not improved at this point in time, so we’re actively releasing a statement.”

The representative went on, “The netizens who leave malicious comments range in age from their teens to late twenties. There are times that underage netizens will ask to be forgiven due to reasons such as school and their future. Though we’ve previously accepted written apologies and made mutual agreements, this has not eradicated the malicious comments and rumors.”

“We cannot say that simply expressing that one dislikes JYJ is malicious. We’re talking about false news that start with ‘I heard from someone I knew’ or ‘I saw them’ that cannot be trusted.”

C-JeS Entertainment has released a statement on its official homepage and have notified various news sites of the warning.

In related news, JYJ will be releasing a new album next year.

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[NEWS] JYJ say, “We won’t forgive the people who leave malicious comments about us”

JYJ’s agency recently announced that they will respond strongly against some people who leave malicious comments about JYJ.

On December 6, C-Jes Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, stated, “We have reported about twenty cases to the cyber police. We’ll continuously notify the police of more cases of people who leave malicious comments about JYJ.”

The agency says, “We allow people to express themselves freely, but we cannot forgive the people who have left malicious comments about JYJ for over six months.”

According to the agency, some people keep cursing JYJ dozens of times a day and even upload pictures of the members bleeding. They also spread false rumors about the group.

The agency says, “We haven’t really responded against them because we thought they were also fans. However, some people are severely damaging JYJ’s image, so we’ve decided to respond strongly against them. The people who have left malicious comments about JYJ often say they’ve done it out of curiosity. We’ve forgiven some of the people who were under age, but that’s not going to be the case anymore. We hope that people who leave malicious comments about other people online realize that they’re actually damaging the people.”

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if these minors are concerned about “school and their future,” then they are old enough to understand right from wrong, and to take the consequences of their actions whatever that happens to be. so if like that then why they still do that ?. Curiousity ? Curious about what? Curious at how immature and simple-minded they can get before someone notices them?. Beside if school and future so important then why not to focus and  concentration on their school and future instead of wasting their time being an Internet…… 

Good one CJES  and thank you for taking a stand and protecting JYJ.