JYJ3′s Note: This is how a Japanese tabloid is reporting JYJ and SM settlement agreement and the future JYJ’s activities in Japan. It’s not the first time these tabloids share bad press about JYJ
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To the people that follow the Japanese Lawsuit, AVEX have pointed the exclusive contract of SM and JYJ as a reason why JYJ is unable to hold activities in Japan, but with the recent news of SM releasing JYJ of any exclusive contract, we think AVEX is running out of arguments to defend their position. Hopefully things will improve in Japan despite what it says on this article.

On 28th Nov, the 3 members of Korean Idol Group JYJ and its former agency SM Entertainment (“SM”) reached court settlement in Korea on the dispute of exclusive agency contracts.

Jaejoong (26), Yuchun (26) and Junsu, 3 former members of Korean group Tohoshinki, applied for temporary injunction in July 2009 on their exclusive agency contracts based on the reasons that their 14-year contract was too long and there was unfair royalty distribution.

In addition, in April 2010, the 3 members sign-on a newly setup agency and formed JYJ.  This means wishes of fans for the “5 to re-group” again became in vain, and the group split up to become Tohoshinki with Yunho (26) and Changmin (24), and JYJ.

It’s been 3 years 4 months after the temporary injunction which started it all. With the court settlement this time, all law suits between SM and JYJ had been withdrawn, and both parties signed an agreement to “not interfere with each other’s activities”.

A Korean entertainment industry person talks about the future JYJ.

[Firstly, until now every media in Korea had shut off JYJ based on the “double contracts issue with SM”, leading to the members unwilling ventures into individual acting activities like drama and musical. The court settlement this time signals a complete separation between SM and JYJ, and although Junsu has dreamed of standing on stage as Tohoshinki again, the possibility of 5 members grouping-up again disappeared. However from now, the 3 members JYJ will be able to hold concert activities and TV appearances as JYJ. Of course, it will also be possible to release new songs]

If this is true, their activities in Japan will be something to look forward to. However, it’s a bit complicated.

[Now, JYJ has an ongoing dispute on contracts in Japan. Before this is settled, their activities in Japan will be impossible……] says someone in the music industry,

In actual fact, events planned by JYJ last year in Japan faced cancellations right before the scheduled dates continuously. The court decision will be out in January next year, but there is high possibility for an appeal. The trial looks likely to drag on. It may not be possible for JYJ to hold activities in Japan for the next few years until this is settled.

Source: Jyosei Seven (20th Dec 2012 issue) via news-postseven
Translated by: @Jen_BabyLove
Shared by: JYJ3

now AVEX can’t used the boys for their fake promise such they are gonna be ‘savior the reunited of tohoshinki’ anymore  since SM already releasing JYJ of any exclusive contract so….i wonder what dirty trick that they are gonna do for stop JYJ. I bet since SM already lose, these AVEX gonna give their best for stoping the boys to win of another battle. I am not gonna surprise anymore if there are gonna be many bad news with contain of lies and bad rumor that spread by these people to ruin JYJ image in Japan. But i always believe that the truth always in winning side, no matter how long or how hard the road it is, Justice gonna be won.