An unexpected turn of events on MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You is drawing a lot of attention. The real murderer was a cleaning woman and a mysterious cane appeared on the last episode made the audience curious.

On the tenth episode of the series, which aired on December 6, Jung Woo (played by Park Yoo Chun) realized that the murderer, who used his computer at the police station, is an insider.

He started investigating the insiders but a cleaning woman said that she has to go home to cook dinner for her daughter. It gave him doubts about her so he followed her to her house.

At her house, he found duck tape and a rope that she used to kill the victim. Jung Woo was about to catch the cleaning woman but she attacked him from behind with a stun gun. As a result, the audience is wondering why she killed the victim and who has the mysterious cane.

People responded: “Yoo Seung Ho, who uses a cane, is behind the case?” “I wonder what kind of twist will be on the series.” “I think the cleaning woman has a sad story.” “The cane is foreshadowing.”

The eleventh episode of the series will air on December 12 at 9:55 p.m.

Source: TV Report
Credit: en.Korea
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