Woa…..Junsu-ah ^^

The returning XIA with a unique differentiation through “Tarantallegra” released its making before the ballad concert. It is a new dramatized version of the visual of Tarantallegra which has been completed grotesquely and dreamy along with authentic ballad style “Knowing”.

Endowed with a unisex and oriental sense, XIA’s transcendent ability is well expressed. Even though this music video is based on the background music of “Even Though I Already Know”, another story of Tarantallegra is described. The unchallenged ‘masculine XIA’ and another soft self ‘feminine XIA’ appear. The combination of these two XIAs represents their strong will of having overcome their internal fight. Beyond the invisible limit of fear, it can be interpreted as a message showing the existence of the transcendent power. Let’s jump into the charming magic of XIA.

Credit: JYJ Official Youtube Channel
Shared by: JYJ3 + miaw0730