“You want to see me? I want to see 20% for ratings!”

In the drama, Oh Jeong Seh who has many scenes with Park Yuchun is called “wife”. They may look like brothers but they both first met when they were shooting. They greeted each other for the first time at the filming site without time to match their scripts because of the pressing time. Though they were once indifferent to each other, they quickly became couple-like brothers just like in the drama.

Oh Jeong Seh: “It’s been not only a month that I met (Park) Yuchunnie but I feel like we are long time friends. He’s a cheerful, healthy and very polite friend. I like him well as my dongsaeng. He also looks like a grown-up, so much you don’t feel his young age.

When I look at Yuchunnie and (Yoo) Seungho, I think about how amazing these young friends are. Even though the script comes out late, they handle perfectly these much lines and feelings. Though their characters consume a lot of feelings, they are truly praiseworthy as I watch over them.”

Source: Sports Donga via Nate
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