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In response to what will you do if the ratings break the 20% barrier,

Yoon Eun Hye at first hesitated and said “If the ratings break 20%, I told the staff members that we should go on a trip. I told them that I’d treat them to either South East Asia or Jeju Islands trip and I’m bit nervous right now (That it will happen), and laughed.


Park Yoo Chun stated, “If the ratings come out good, I will donate rice and tangerines to those who are in economic difficulties under the name of “Missing You”. Park Yoo Chun had stated earlier that Yoo Seung Ho eats lots of tangerines at the filming location, making Yoo Seung Ho embarassed.

Yoo Seung Ho responded to Park Yoo Chun’s plans by stating “I’ll also donated with Yoo Chun hyung in good deeds”.

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Actor Park Yoo Chun recently said that his TV series will not conclude with a happy ending.

On December 17, Park attended a press conference for MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You and talked about an ending for the series.

Park said, “I think many people are wondering about an ending. Since there are foreshadows in the series, I don’t think it will conclude with a happy ending.”

“I’ve talked about an ending with the production crew and they said that it will be hard to conclude with a happy ending. But we can’t be so sure about it.”

Park also talked about variety shows. He said, “I haven’t been appearing on variety shows for a long time. I think the last time I appeared on a variety show was in 2008.”

Park said that he wants to appear on The Law of the Jungle because he likes experiencing new things. He said, “I want to sleep in a tent in the back country. I think it will be fun to be beaten by mosquito.”

The series is a classical melodrama about a man and woman who have wounded hearts from their first love. Besides Park, Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho appear on the series.

Park plays the role of a detective named Han Jung Woo, who still misses his first love. The series airs every Thursday and Wednesday at 9:55 p.m.

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JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun may have a soft and warm image, but the singer/actor would like nothing better than to hit up the wild outdoors.

During the December 17 press conference for his MBC drama, I Miss You, Park Yoo Chun was asked by one reporter if he had any desire to appear in a variety show.

The JYJ member responded that he did want to appear in variety shows again and added he probably hadn’t been on a variety show since 2008.

When asked which program he would want to appear in, Park Yoo Chun surprised everyone by selecting SBS’ wilderness survival program The Laws of the Jungle.

He explained, “I normally enjoy programs like that. I like pitching tents at three in the morning, getting bitten by mosquitoes, fishing and eating what we catch. It sounds like fun.”

With SM and JYJ’s long-winding legal suit finally seemingly settled, many have been wondering if it now paves the way for the JYJ members to be able to return to variety shows on Korea’s networks, which they have effectively been barred from appearing in since the legal battles with SM Entertainment first began in 2009.

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In celebration of JYJ Kim Junsu’s birthday, birthday parties were held all around the world.

C-Jes Entertainment revealed to enews on December 17, “Kim Junsu’s fans from Korea, Japan, China, USA, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Poland, and other countries around Asia and South America all celebrated ‘XIA Day.’”


Fans celebrated Kim Junsu’s birthday, December 15, in their respectful countries by holding a diverse number of events, such as making birthday cakes, setting up a Kim Junsu photo exhibit, writing letters, and more.

During the press conference for his world tour, Kim Junsu said, thanking his fans from abroad, “The focus of the world tour isn’t the number of people who come or the scale of it. It’s more meaningful to personally visit fans in other countries who aren’t able to see my performance without a concert.


Understanding Kim Junsu’s heart, the fans celebrated a cheerful ‘XIA Day,’ thanking him for visiting their country and hoping that he’ll come again.‘XIA Day’ was celebrated in Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Germany, Poland, Puerto Rico, USA, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, and Brazil.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu is currently preparing for his 2012 XIA Ballad & Music Concert with Orchestra, which will be held in the Coex D Hall on December 29, 30, and 31.

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Special video

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