Actor/singer Park Yoo Chun and Oh Jung Se are attracting attention as they prove that they are the best male-male couple.

These revealed pictures are of the scene where Park Yoo Chun (playing Han Jung Woo) has a drink with Oh Jung Se (playing Joo Jung Myung) during the day after he decides to forget Yoon Eun Hye (playing Zoey). Park Yoo Chun, who can only handle two shots in the drama, drunkenly said, “I still like Lee Soo Yeon (Zoey’s real name) the best,” as he revealed his heartbroken feelings. This scene received a lot of attention.

As Park Yoo Chun and Oh Jung Se go over the script between shots, they show the warm atmosphere of the set as they exchange playful and funny expressions. Like the name the viewers and netizens gave them, “The Best Male-Male Couple”, they showed closeness worthy of that nickname. In reality, they are 9 years apart, but they are attracting attention for being able to bridge the gap and show a close friendly atmosphere.

Tensions are heightened in ‘I Miss You’ as Yoo Seung Ho’s (playing Harry) real entity is revealed as a man who waited 14 years to take revenge. ‘I Miss You’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55 pm.

Credit: KDrama Stars
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