BIG NEWS FOR TODAY 😀 😀 😀 and when i read this news at first time i want to scream so loud hehehehehehe….. I knew it’s gonna be like this because every time Jae got some break from his project and sometimes act like a ninja, he is gonna came back with a surprise. It seem that he really knew very well what kind album that his fans really like for him to sing…… don’t tell me he is keep lurking in net for read and watch of his/JYJ fans doing in fansite like he usually do……well i am gonna wait and collect my money for the album and maybe also for the ticket if my country became his destination for his concert tour……. >_< And i am totally agree with Kim Ba Da, now it’s time to acknowledge  Jaejoong not as an idol but an artist. It’s goes same to Yoochun and Junsu, seriously these boys already beyond of that such tittle.

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is following in the heels of Kim Junsu and going solo.

C-Jes Entertainment revealed on December 18 that Kim Jae Joong would be releasing his first solo mini album in January.

The agency shared, “Vocalist Kim Ba Da of the legendary rock band, Sinawe directly took part in the new rock album which will contain a diverse range of music in the rock genre. You will be able to meet Kim Jae Joong’s husky and high notes that you wouldn’t have seen during JYJ’s activities.”


Kim Ba Da added, “Kim jae Joong possesses a lot of talents as a rock vocalist. Also, he has a genuine interest in music and gives his all when working on his album. Kim Jae Joong’s sexy yet glam singing style is very merit-filled. We did our best to include rock songs that wouldn’t pale in comparison anywhere else. In rock, one must bring out the story from deep within through the music and Kim Jae Joong does this exceptionally. I had the thought that it’s now time to acknowledge him not as an idol but an artist.”

Though the rock album is his first, Kim Jae Joong has previously performed a number of rock tracks at past concerts where he was met with favorable responses as well.

Regarding the new album, his agency said the details are still being worked out but that image and video teasers would roll out before the album and music video’s full reveal.

The album is targeting a January release.

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[NEWS] 121218 JYJ’s Jaejoong to release solo mini-album this January


JYJ’s Jaejoong will be making return in the local music scene with the release of his first solo mini-album. On December 18th, C-Jes Entertainment confirmed that Jaejoong will be releasing his debut mini-album by January and will feature a “rock star” concept.

C-Jes Entertainment revealed that they enlisted the help of rock artist Kim Bada for the new release, with Jaejoong participating in its creating process by penning the lyrics. No other specific information on his new album has been released but it was hinted that the album jacket cover and video teaser are ready and will be released accordingly. Jaejoong’s other solo tracks will also be included in the album, which will be offered for his fans this Winter.

Kim Jaejoong’s mini-album will be released this January.

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Jaejoong to release solo mini album in January

A lot of goodies coming towards the fans of JYJ! In addition to the group album that Junsu hinted at earlier, it seems Jaejoong will be releasing his first solo mini album!

C-JeS Entertainment revealed the exciting news – “Next year in January, Jaejoong will be releasing a very special solo mini album. Kim Ba Da, previous vocalist of legendary rock group Sinawe, has directly participated in the album, and the album will contain various rock genre songs. You’ll be able to hear Jaejoong’s husky and rough high notes that you haven’t heard before with JYJ, as well as see his new charms.”

Having worked with Jaejoong, Kim Ba Da did not hold back his praise, commenting, “Jaejoong possesses a nature fit for a good rock vocalist. He is also very sincere about music, so because of him, I also developed much affections for this project. Jaejoong’s slightly sexy and glamorous singing style is charming. We decided to make a rock number that will be recognized no matter where we put it out… For rock music, you have to be able to pull out the stories you’ve kept buried in your heart, and Jaejoong’s composing sense is outstanding. I thought, isn’t it now time for him to be recognized as an artist rather than an idol?”

Jaejoong has been building up quite a reputation for himself as a singer-songwriter, recently proving his abilities as he helped write and compose songs in Junsu’s album, and he’ll be doing it again this time around for his own album as he has written the lyrics himself.

C-JeS added, “The details about the album are an absolute secret. The album jacket as well as video teaser will be revealed in order in the following weeks, and we’re also preparing a music video to go along with the song as well. As a special album, also containing OST songs from the movie ‘Jackal is Coming’ (‘Code Name Jackal’), this will be a surprise present for all the fans this winter.”

A representative from the album production company also increased the excitement of fans as they shared, “An album containing Jaejoong’s outstanding vocals and his ability to express himself has been completed. This winter, Jaejoong’s explosive vocals and soothing voice will captivate everyone this winter.”

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[NEWS] 121218 JYJ’s Jae Joong will debut as a solo singer

JYJ’s Jae Joong will soon debut as a solo singer.

On December 18, C-Jes Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, reported, “Jae Joong will release a solo EP in January next year. Sinawi’s fifth vocalist Kim Bada will participate in the EP with a variety of rock numbers.”

Jae Joong will show off his high-pitched husky, rough voice in the EP. He has been shown off his talent as a rock singer by singing “Only My World” and “For You” at many concerts.

He will also write lyrics to all songs for the EP.

Kim Bada says, “Jae Joong is a very talented rock vocalist. He’s very serious about music. Thanks to him, I’ve also fallen in love with music again while I was working with him. His sexy, glamorous way of singing is very attractive. We’ve tried our utmost to create the best rock numbers.”

C-Jes Entertainment says, “From the next week, we will release teaser photos and video for the EP one by one. We’ll also make a music video for the lead track. The soundtrack of the movie Jackal Is Coming will also be contained in the EP.”

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