Joongie: Uncle, I want to vote for the presidential election
Staff: Sure, please show me your ID card.
Joongie: here~ ^^

Kindergarten ID
Class: Rose Class 3
Name: Kim Joongie
Age: 6

Staff: “er… kiddo, you’ve got the wrong place. the mock election (for kids) is held on the second floor at the children’s playground~”
Joongie: but uncle i’ve been queuing for half an hour…….. let me vote….. actually, i’m just baby-faced, i’m 26 this year…… it’ll be super embarassing to walk away from here T_T
Staff: “er… i really can’t, the machine i have here states that your age at heart is only 6…..”

Joongie bawls. T^T

Meanwhile JJ receives a text on his phone:
“Mr Kim Jaejoong, please make a trip to the school. Joongie is missing; he ran away this afternoon.”
JJ: OHMYGOD *facepalm*

Trans: Min @ PrinceJJ
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