The preview for episode 13 of MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘I Miss You’ is attracting attention because of the kiss scene between Jung Woo (played by Han Jung Woo), and Soo Yeon (played by Yoon Eun Hye).

In the preview, while at Mi Ran’s (played by Do Ji Won) shop, Jung Woo put his hands on Soo Yeon’s shoulders as he told her, “I’ll forget tomorrow. Only today, just for today,” with tears in his eyes as he gave her a kiss.

They also went to their old playground, and had a good time, but Soo Yeon ended up telling him, “Jung Woo. The Lee Soo Yeon that you like, she can’t leave Harry by himself. We’re going to get married,” garnering pity for the predicament they were in.

Also, there is a lot of attention on Harry (played by Yoo Seung Ho) as he showed extreme rage when he said, “You should drink with me, but the two of you went to play there.”

‘I Miss You’ is protecting its spot at the top of the ratings with the depth of the increasingly sad romance, and its fast-paced plot twists upon twists. The drama will air episode 13 on the coming 20th

Source: KDrama Stars
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